My Sephiroth Addiction

By The Quasi God

Well, bitch and moan all you want, but I have a serious admiration for the coolest bad guy ever to walk the face of the video game RPG world - Sephiroth.

First of all, he has the looks that makes you say 'damn!'. He has that dark, yet oh so cosmopolitan look that makes him so vulnerable for fanfic writers of all walks of life. I've seen Seph as his usual bad-ass self, a homeless bum, a defender of good, a ronin samurai, a man on a lot of hemp, a daycare manager, and a plethora of twisted roles. And the weird part is that he can actually fit in all of those roles! Why? It's the looks...

Second, he has a big-ass sword. All decent baddies have to have some sort of overexaggerated gimmick and Seph has his own - the Masamune. Now for a quick history lesson. (No, no, take the gun AWAY from yer head. Thank you.) The Masamune is a legendary sword in Japanese lore that was bound with a malevolent spirit called an 'oni'. ( won't screw ME over!! :P) It was said to been sealed away for centuries. In the recent 20th century, it was dug up from some city park around Osaka (or Kyoto... I dun really know). From there, it has been exhibited in historical tours in Japan until it found its place in our very own Smithsonian Institue... that was a mouthful... moving on...

Finally, he has the 'tude. He has an IQ beyond any being bound to reality and logical sciences. He also has a deadly accuracy for timing, (Remember Aeris' death?... yeah thought so... it made me admire him all the more... I hated that goddamn flower girl anyways... oh back to the ramble.) not to mention that he has incredible battle ability to boot.

Lately, I have been experiencing a bitter battle of the baddies. It seems that people are siding with Kefka over meh boy Seph. Yeah, sure, Kefka was more 'evil' **cough**PSYCHO**cough**. But Sephiroth made it all look cool. (well, except the triangle-butt and lego hands... but still, Seph did it in style...) Furthermore, Sephiroth has an uncanny charisma and appearance. For an otaku and artist like I, that's a winning combination. (Exactly who wants to draw a freakish clown hell-bent on destruction?... oh wait, I can name a few... oops)

Sephiroth has also brought with him his OWN intricate storyline. Unlike previous RPG baddies, which offer little if no story at all, (Well, with the exception of Magus, which is a close second to Seph.) he has a past. His story is also presented in the confused, hallucinated style that he actually experiences it, which gains major bonus points from me!

Oh, have I mentioned the huge-ass sword... oh yeah, I did...

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