The Misinformed

By DM Andy

In today's world, RPG gamers are amazed by more polygons, more colors, and longer, drawn out stories. Also, most of today's gamers have no clue that these qualities were not necessary for a great game "back in the day." Squaresoft has re-released Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, and Chrono Trigger. One of the reasons I have heard is to let the unfortunate many who never purchased the game to be able to play these acclaimed RPGs. All came packaged with FMVs and extra features.

Yet, still I hear people talking about the greatness of Squall or Tidus. These ignorant people have still not realized the importance of the earlier Final Fantasies or the original Chrono Trigger. Today's younger generation have been corrupted with the processing power of the PlayStation and the Nintendo Gamecube.

TRUE RPG gamers owned Super Nintendos. TRUE RPG gamers owned the original games in their cartridge format. They spent close to $50 for a game, and got their money's worth. They did not care if there were only three save slots, with the exception of Final Fantasy IV, which had four.

Those who still worship Final Fantasy X, or think that PlayStation games are old, have no respect for the series.

I am one of the lucky few. I have the old Nintendo 8-bit system. I have the original Final Fantasy. Yes, I hate the fact that I often forget to hold Reset While I press Power. Moving on, I have the Super Nintendo. I have Final Fantasy II, (that is IV for you new people) Final Fantasy III, (VI) Chrono Trigger, OgreBattle, Secret of Mana, and the forgotten Secret of Evermore (which if anyone has the commercial recorded, I would hope send to me.) My Super Nintendo is my primary system with my PS2 being the secondary.

I write to inform the general youth of the forefathers for their favorite games. Do not drool over each hair on a character's head having its own animation. Do not soil your underwear over the 5 minute long summon that costs 990 MP and kills all flying creatures.

Honor your older brother or sister as a true gamer. Honor your father or mother as a true gamer. Sit down in front of your flat screen TV, hook up the Super Nintendo by yourself (no, there are no optical digital cables involved), and start a new game on any of the mentioned titles. Find that old issue of Nintendo Power with a walkthrough for Final Fantasy II at your nearest used bookstore. Do us all a favor, and make the transition from an uninformed, ignorant gamer, to an informed, credible gamer.

-DM Andy

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