Instant Fanfic Grabber for Linux

By Carbon

Hey, I just discovered that the linux program SiteScooper ( is perfect for PalmPilot-ifying fanfics from your site. You might want to post the following instructions on your site, for any linux using rpg fanatics you might have ravaging and plundering your site :


1) Download and install iSilo Free (, and put it on your Palm.

2) From the same site, download the iSilo386 program, unzip it, and as root put it in some directory with all your other programs (/usr/local/bin is a good choice)

3) Now, you should already have perl installed for this (most distributions do). Go to, and download sitescooper, and uncompress the tarball. Leave the directory it creates in your home dir! Now, go into the that directory, and run :

$ ./sitescooper

You'll get a vi screen, immediately quit (type a :q! and then enter), and now it's all set up!

You must fetch an author at a time. When you want to download an author's fanfic, run :

$ ./ -levels 2 -isilo -limit 2000 -install [dir to save pdbs in] [url of the fanfic author]

And a palm database will be put in the directory you specified, ready to spend long hours with while wasting time in doctor's waiting rooms, pretending you're waiting for an appointment. Not that I've ever done that...

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