Information Regarding the 50 Years' War

By Taran

Basically, following is pretty much all the information the game gives you about the 50 Years' war. There might be more; by all means, go and look for it.


A Rumor About the Fifty Years' War:

A war that caused terror for nearly 50 years between Ivalice and Ordalia, known as the "Fifty Years War." The war was ignited when King Diwanu died without naming a successor. The throne was succeeded by Diwanu's brother, Valowa, but Denamunda of Ivalice, declared war. This was only an excuse… The real reason was because of Zelamonia, a territory of Ivalice running along the Ordalian border. It was once independent but was annexed over a century ago, after an invasion. Ivalice supported Ordalia, but the result was failure. Unrest among the nobles and in the cities of Zelamonia, along with Ordalia's rule, led them to seek intervention from Ivalice. With victories in the early battles, Ivalice's Army marched on the capital of Bura. But King Denamunda fell ill and was never to return to his kingdom. The confusion gave the Ordalian Arny an opportunity as Valowa was successful in holding off Ivalice's Army. Approximately 2 years of stalemate of was broken by the Romandan Army's invasion.

Romanda is a military state separated from Ivalice by Larner Channel. Under king Valowa's orders, a blood relative, they marched on Ivalice. But, Denamunda who succeeded king Denamunda was a brave warrior against both the Romanda and Ordalian armies. An outbreak of Bubonic Plague forced them to retreat in 3 years.

The 2 squads most effective were the Hokuten, led by Balbanes, and the Nanten, led by T.G. Cid. They scored many victories as they marched on Ordalia. But the long war was disasterous for both administrations. Farmers' revolts and riots broke out in many areas, as both kingdoms focused their war efforts within their borders. This made another stalemate broken only by the death of King Denamunda. (Widely believed to be assassinated) His successor, Omdaolia, was not fit to lead the kindgom and left all matters of state to the elder statesmen and the queen. Therefore, there was no power to drive the toops of Prince Lanard, Valowa's successor, out. After allowing the invasion of Zeltinnia, battles that both the Hokuten and the Nanten fought in, Ivalice hoped for peace. Realizing the war was useless, both kingdoms agreed on peace, focusing their efforts within their respective borders. Although the agreement was bilateral, Ivalice surrendered.

Soon after, Ivalice's economy was on the brink of bankruptcy because of severe war reparations. Payments could not be made to returning soldiers, and large groups of knights were discharged. As a result, high unemployment, uncertainty, and distrust filled Ivalice.

Conversation at Balbanes' Death bed:

Zalbag: Though swift action we were able to recover Limberry. It is only a matter of time before the Ordalia Army leaves Zeltinnia. Don't worry.

Dycedarg: The secret messenger sent to Count Lenario has returned. Count Lenario has agreed to your plan.

Balbanes: Good… Then at last… this long war… will finally come to an end…

Other Information

There are many different groups of knights and their leaders that you may wish to incorporate. Here are those I could find:

The Hokuten: led by Balbanes and Zalbag Boulve

The Knights of Death: led by Weigraf Folles

The Nanten: led by T.G. Cid

The Ruofons? (Knights of Limberry) led by Mesodoram Elmdor

Lionel Holy Knights: Cardianl Alphons Draclau and Beowulf

Touten Knights: Gafgarion was one of these

The Kamyuja: An elite group of assassins brought together by Grand Duke Barinten. Incase you didn't get this from reading my chapter, Guiris, Victor, and Zand are all members of the Kamyuja.

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