Final Fantasy VIII's Legend of Vascaroon

By Asyria

If you're writing a fic about FFVIII, here's some useful information about Hyne. Hyne is the deity of the game, apparently. Since there are so many holes in this game, I'm working on filling them in. This is something you can see in the game itself. After visiting the White SeeD ship for the first time on Disc Three, you can revisit and speak to the girl named Lina. She is teaching the two younger children at the front of the ship. Here, she tells the Legend of Vascaroon. I have written it here for your viewing pleasure, word for word.

Legend of Vascaroon

Once upon a time there was a person named Hyne. Hyne was the ruler of the world. He became lazy and decided to make a tool to make his life easier. Hyne made a neat tool. His tool could make more tools by itself. Soon there were a lot of tools in the world. These tools were actually people.

When Hyne woke up, he was surprised because there were a lot of people. Hyne wanted to reduce the number of people, and used magic to burn up a lot of small people. The small people were children. The people cherished the children very much. So the people rebelled against Hyne. Hyne used powerful magic to fight them. The people couldn't use magic, but they had wisdom.

Eventually, Hyne began to lose the war, because there were too many people to fight, and they were getting smarter. Therefore, he decided to make peace with people by offering them half of his body along with his powers. Hyne cut his body in half and gave the people half as he promised.

Then, another war started. People began to fight over the power Hyne offered them through his body. This war lasted decades. Finally, King Zebalga and the Zebalga tribe emerged victorious and demanded Hyne's body-half to get its pwers. But the body ignored their commands.

Then, Vascaroon came to the rescue. He appeared before the confused Zebalgas and revealed to them that Hyne's half-body was corrupt and possessed no real power. The body-half was actually Hyne's castoff skin. The Zebalgas were angered by this truth, and decided to destroy Hyne. The Zebalgas never found Hyne. People began to call him "Hyne the Magician" and continued to hunt him for centuries to come.

And that is the Legend of Vascaroon. I know it seems kinda hokey, but I just put here what I saw people. I hope this helps.

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