The Guide: Final Form by Jerm

Did you write this in a screenplay format?

Yes = 0%
No = 20% and carry on.

Do you have horrible grammar?

Yes = .0015%
No = 25% and carry on.

Is this a crossover?

Yes = .0000000002%
No = 28% and carry on.

Do you revive someone?

Yes = 5%
No = 30% and carry on.

Do you use HP/MP/PP?

Yes = 0%
No = 40% and carry on.

Is there unnecessary graphic content in here?

Yes = 1%
No = 45% and carry on.

Is this a random comedy?

Yes = 0%
No = 60% and carry on.

Do you introduce a main character named after yourself that is insanely powerful and gets the main girl?

Yes = 0% and an automatic -10% on your next submission.
No = 70%

Is your idea stolen?

Yes = 33%
No = 75%

Do you have boring dialogue?

Yes = 40%
No = 80%

Do you neglect detail?

Yes = 20%
No = 85%

Do you mix pop culture into the fanfic?

Yes = 0% and an automatic 10 points off for spelling Aeris correctly.
No = 90%

Did you forget to bribe the committee?

Yes = 90%
No = 100%

And that is that.

Fanfic Tips

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