My favorite games are Chrono Trigger and EarthBound, and I firmly believe that the Super Nintendo was the epitome of video gaming. I also enjoy most Final Fantasy games, some more than others (others being 8 and 9). Other interests I have include watching anime, reading fanfiction, programming, building/upgrading computers, and playing with Linux.

Recently I have been coding the PHP and HTML for some video game related webcomics made by people you may be familiar with if you frequent the forums. You may want to check them out when you are finished here: Into The Black and The Misadventures of Magus and Mog.

I hope you enjoy my fanart!

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2002 Chibi Magus (44 KB)
Lucca making a 'He's a dish!' face (28.4 KB)
Magus and Schala's reunion (26.7 KB)
Magus at the North Cape, after the fall of Zeal but before your party meets him again (23.5 KB)
Magus casting Dark Matter (50.5 KB)
Magus holding Lucca protectively after saving her and Kid from Lynx's attack (22.2 KB)
Magus looking at Schala's amulet (15 KB)
The Tone Deaf Evil Fiends From "The Gift of Song" (The Storyteller) (38.9 KB)

Final Fantasy IV Fan Art

2002 Cecil in armor (22.2 KB)

Final Fantasy VI Fan Art

2003 Decorating the Christmas Cactuar (37.4 KB)
2002 Mog sculpture: 1 (16.5 KB) | 2 (9.15 KB) | 3 (12.6 KB)

Miscellaneous Final Fantasy Fan Art

2002 Tonberry (34 KB)

Super Mario RPG Fan Art

2003 Mario recovering from a horrible addiction (30.2 KB)
2002 Mario dancing to the song 'Tequila' (23 KB)

Chrono Trigger / Final Fantasy Fan Art

2002 Battle of the black mages (37.9 KB)

Chrono Trigger / Final Fantasy VII Fan Art

2002 Vincent and Magus glaring at each other (21.3 KB)

Chrono Trigger Fan Art
Final Fantasy 4 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Super Mario RPG Fan Art

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