Well, I'm eighteen, and just about to start a collage/university course on Computer Art in videogames.(I am not kidding here. It's at Abertay Dundee University)

I look uncannily like Tifa Lockheart. Incredibly so, in fact. Except that I have grey eyes.

Yes, I am Female!

I can whup arse on any game. My favorite non Final Fantasy being Devil may cry (At the mo.)

I live in a little village in cumbria - England. Otherwise known as the place with no Manga...

I am a Goth, and I am totally misunderstood.

Tifa is The Greatest! (Except for Cloud, and maybe Sephiroth)

Okay, nuff ranting. If you wanna offer me a brill job, money, or just tell me how great/crap my pics are, my E-mail's

You can call me Charlotte if you really haveta.

Final Fantasy 4 Fan Art

2001 Edge (74.5 KB)

Final Fantasy 6 Fan Art

2001 Celes Chere (75.2 KB)

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art

2001 A fake dream (66.3 KB)
Cloud: The False Hero (61.2 KB)
Cloud - watercolor (188 KB)
Heroes (65.9 KB)
Content Warning!!!Matching scars (53.7 KB) -- Contains nudity
Miss Cloud (52.3 KB)
The dream (54.1 KB)
Together-charge (45.1 KB)
Vincent (60.7 KB)
Warhol (128 KB)

Final Fantasy 9 Fan Art

2001 Trace Kuja (104 KB)
Trance Zidane (70 KB)

Final Fantasy 4 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 6 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 9 Fan Art

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