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To people unfamiliar to Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z, they'd think my first name was "Son" and my last name "Gosai." Well, it's the other way around. I gave myself this name because my first fanart to be put up online was a good load of DBZ stuff. I've been drawing anime and video game characters since fifth grade. Despite contant harassment from snobby classmates, I kept doing it. My artwork isn't super-awesome-professional quality and I don't own any kind of photoshop programs to CGify it, but I think it's at least "good". I try to be original instead of copying an official piece of art and adding color to it. Hope you viewers enjoy my artwork Mister Brian scanned for me.

Little note about RPGs: Why is it that most heroes lose their best (or really close) friend? Examples include: Ramza loses Delita (FFT), Ryu loses Teepo (BoF III), Cloud loses Zack (FF VII), and the hero of Genso Suikoden II loses Joei/Jowy/Joey.

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2000 Tata And Flea (45.3 KB)
1999 Angry Schala (84.8 KB)
Arquen From "Ashes To Ashes, Blood To Blood" (88.8 KB)
Schala and Janus (74.6 KB)
1998 A One Page Manga (214 KB)
Arquen From "Ashes To Ashes, Blood To Blood" (21.6 KB)
Lana From "The Next Generation" (Krazy Sam) (49.2 KB)
Tata (56.9 KB)
Tata And Crono (33.4 KB)
Tata As An Adult (29.6 KB)

Final Fantasy 9 Fan Art

2000 Zidane, Before and After (49.3 KB)

Final Fantasy Tactics Fan Art

2002 Ramza as a Priest (57.7 KB)
2000 A Boy Named Ramza (32.4 KB)
Ramza (31.5 KB)
Ramza and a dancing Moogle (56.8 KB)
Ramza in Midgar: Fanfic Idea (60.3 KB)
Ramza in Midgar: Pretty SOLDIER Ovelia (68.4 KB)
Ramza in Midgar: Indecent Proposal (182 KB)
Shadows of a Hero (34 KB)
Sundrop Rain (55.3 KB)
Unexpected Proposal (38.5 KB)
Wizard Heads (71.8 KB)
1999 Altima and a Ramza doll (52.9 KB)
Girl type Ramza (37.8 KB)
Izlude loves Alma?! (79 KB)
Manga: "The Technical Machine" (283 KB)
Mediators (70.2 KB)
Ovelia joins Soldier (39.6 KB)
Ramza and Agrias in an embrace (47.6 KB)
Ramza and Delita (207 KB)
Ramza and Eevee (34.5 KB)
Ramza and Silf (61 KB)
Ramza gawking at something (89.5 KB)
Ramza on a Chocobo (92.9 KB)
Ramza the Behemoth (43.4 KB)
SD Ramza, Altima, and Flotiball (45.7 KB)
SD Ramza and Boco (34.5 KB)
Thief Ramza (56.2 KB)
To His Godess of War (44.2 KB)
Too Much Mail (31.3 KB)

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Fan Art

2003 Marche (70.1 KB)

Suikoden Fan Art

2000 Do you...want my carrots? (159 KB)
Jowy and the Hero (63.5 KB)
The Hero (21.7 KB)

Working Chocobo Fan Art

2000 Red Mage and Time Mage (47.4 KB)

Breath of Fire 3 / Final Fantasy 7 / Final Fantasy Tactics / Suikoden Fan Art

1999 Heroes lose their best friends (65.1 KB)

Chrono Trigger / Final Fantasy 7 / Final Fantasy Tactics Fan Art

1999 SD Ramza, Cloud, and Crono (65.8 KB)

Final Fantasy 7 / Final Fantasy Tactics Fan Art

1999 Cloud, Ramza, and Pikachu (46.8 KB)

Breath of Fire 3 Fan Art
Chrono Trigger Fan Art
Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 9 Fan Art
Final Fantasy Tactics Fan Art
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Fan Art
Suikoden Fan Art

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