I'm SilverSword. Also known by varying other names as situations require, but primarily that. As for what I'm doing here? Well, that should be obvious. Showing off fan art. ;p

I've been drawing for about three years now, CGing for the latter two of them. I wouldn't say I'm all that great, but I'm happy with my progress - when I started, humans & anime were beyond me. Now I can't stop doodling them. ^^;

I'm currently in the middle of a Computer Animation course, so in a few years time I should, with any luck, be making the RPG games I like so much as well as just playing them. 'til then, I'll just settle with fan art. Most of it'll be geared to Chrono Trigger and Golden Sun - which are, in my opinion, the best two RPG's ever.

If you wanna drop me a line, go ahead. Want to see my ability to write? Best you'll get is scripting at Exterminatus Now. Drawing? That's either here, when relevant, or at my DeviantArt Account, when not.
Have fun,

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2004 Schala, if she were in Magus' position (40 KB)
2003 Magus (25 KB)
Marle (42 KB)

Disgaea Fan Art

2004 Samurai/Ronin (60 KB)

Golden Sun Fan Art

2003 Jenna (46 KB)
Mia (60 KB)

Chrono Trigger Fan Art
Disgaea Fan Art
Golden Sun Fan Art

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