My real name is Sara, and Im OBSESSED with Final Fantasy, And Kingdom Hearts. Rikuuu so cute!!! He mine @_@ Anyway, Im 14, birthday December 18, 1988, year of the Dragon which I am obsessed with drawing them, I love darkness.... my main goal in life: To be with my boyfriend Michael, whom I call Miku, who lives in PA.. I live in Texas.. anyway, about the only thing I DO is draw... Pretty gothic if I do say so myself... I love reading, writing, drawing of course as I said, Im an only child, about the only thing I would do anything for is my cats, Umbreon Tatl and Fritz, though it sounds rediculous. And then my boyfriend, too. I hope you like my drawings, they are pretty good. ^-^''

Final Fantasy 4 Fan Art

2003 Palom (49.5 KB)

Final Fantasy 9 Fan Art

2003 Eiko (19.9 KB)
Freya (19.7 KB)
Garnet (33.1 KB)
Kuja (30.1 KB)
Kuja (56.1 KB)

Final Fantasy 4 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 9 Fan Art

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