PeaceMaker - Goliath

-Name : I'm Marco Splash (not my real family name ^_^)

-Age : 15 years old

-Language : English, Frensh, Spanish

-Adress : city - Hull ... province - quebec ... country - canada

-Hobbie : Drawing 9i creat caracters too!), Video-games, MUSIC!, skate, etc...

-Job : student in a international high school

-Fav video-games : Final Fantasy Tactics and all FF serie, Metal Gear Solid... and soon MGS!!!!, Chrono Cross/Trigger, Xenogears, Super Smash Bros, Resident Evil 2, Carmageddon 2, Worm 2/Armageddon...

-Fav movie : The Patriot, Hallow Man (but the end sucks), Art of War, The Game (the end is GREAT!), Fores Gump, The Man in the Iron Mask (sad that the story is not true :( ), the Matrix, What Lies Beneath, King Pin, Scary Movie, The Negotiator, U.S. Marshall...

-Fav music : Iron Maiden, Grim Skunk, Blink182, Bloodhound Gang, Nine Inch Nails, FFTactics OST, CastleVania S-O-T-N OST...

-Fav Anime : Neon Genecis Evangelion, Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball Z (NOT GT!!!), Ranma 1/2 (funny and pervert!^_^) ans a little bit Escaflwone...

-Quote :
1. An half-friend is an half-enemy. -Victor Hugo
2. Gravity is not responsible from people falling in love. -A. Einstein
3. If you bite in the ice as much as my tire, you're hired! -Good Year
4. I didn't failed! I only found 20000 way to not succed! -T. Edison

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art

2000 The group squabbling (97.8 KB)

Final Fantasy 9 Fan Art

2001 Vivi (52 KB)

Final Fantasy Tactics Fan Art

2001 Always take Worker 8 with you when you face Elmdor (98.9 KB)
Chocobo dinner (56.5 KB)
2000 The hold up (88.5 KB)

Mixed Final Fantasy Fan Art

2001 Final Fantasy's Shooters (114 KB)
2000 Cloud and Squall arguing (55.4 KB)
Do heroes ever get along? (137 KB)


2001 Tutorial for Chibiing (180 KB)
Tutorial for Chibiing 2 (154 KB)
Tutorial for Chibiing 3 (145 KB)
Tutorial for Chibiing 4 (146 KB)

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 8 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 9 Fan Art
Final Fantasy Tactics Fan Art

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