Hello ^_^
My screen name is Myaah, I'm french and I'll be 19 soon. I live in Paris and study Geography at the university.

I have a website:
I spend my leisure time reading fantasy or science-fiction books, drawing, hanging out with friends, playing video-games - especially RPGs like the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross, Xenogears... well, Square games - and roleplaying with my best friend.

For those who want to know about my physical appearance :
I have copper hair, black eyes (if you can see them through the glasses :p ) and I'm small (very small lol) and you won't know anything more :p
I hope you'll enjoy my arts.

Drakengard Fan Art

2005 Caim (53 KB)

Final Fantasy VII Fan Art

2005 Tifa from Advent Children (51 KB)
2004 Cloud and Tifa beneath a starry sky (128 KB)

Final Fantasy X-2 Fan Art

2004 Lenne and Shuyin (163 KB)
Lenne and Shuyin (104 KB)

Xenogears Fan Art

2004 Deus (160 KB)
Kahran Ramsus (110 KB)
Miang and Ramsus (147 KB)

Drakengard Fan Art
Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 10 Fan Art
Xenogears Fan Art

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