Michael Piatt

Hello, I'm 18 and come from somewhere this side of Pluto. I got into RPGs and anime relatively recently, less than a year ago about. I've really been working on improving my anime, and I think you can really see the difference between my latest and my earliest works. I use Adobe PhotoShop and my Wacom art tablet to do all these images. You can visit my website at http://www.geocities.com/the_musclecarlives. At the moment I'm starting on college, getting my driver's permit (laziness is my only excuse why I don't have it yet ^_^), and working on starting up my own manga. Hope you enjoy. Any constructive criticism is welcome ^_^

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

1999 Crono (155 KB)
Crono (31.4 KB)
Crono w/ Red Katana (181 KB)
Exiting the Gate (143 KB)
Frog with Masamune (119 KB)

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

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