Shoving off from Dae shore, I realize I have no place left on earth anymore.
My purity once was like new fallen snow reaching to people I didn't even know,
but now I'm just an empty husk filled with bitterness and disgust.
Detering on the brink of insanity, I look out as far as the eye can see.
My eyes burn with the fury of hell's fire as I catch a glance of my dying powers.
I nod contently at the ships crew, wondering if they share the same insanity I do.

I am forced to wander,
where I go is not known.
I can only wonder,
where will be my next home?

Everything clears by the light of day, and a gentle mist lifts off the bay.
Finally the truth is known to me, I am cursed for all eternity...

Chrono Cross Fan Art

2002 Fargo (60.4 KB)

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2002 Magus (58.8 KB)
2001 Magus fighting Glenn inside the Ice Shield, from "The Story of Magus Ch. 24" (ZealPropht) (85.5 KB)
2000 Magus carrying a soldier off into the background (40.4 KB)
Magus (28.4 KB)
Magus casting Dark Matter (42.3 KB)
Magus entering through a doorway (118 KB)
Remnants of the Zealian Princess, statue by the sea (61.8 KB)
Schala (41.9 KB)
Schala (13.9 KB)
1999 Flea (49.6 KB)

Final Fantasy 6 Fan Art

2000 Celes, before the opera (42.2 KB)
Sabin, Celes, and Edgar fighting a Succubus (74.2 KB)
1999 Chocobo (18.8 KB)

Chrono Cross Fan Art
Chrono Trigger Fan Art
Final Fantasy 6 Fan Art

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