Knight Mocchi

Knight Mocchi

Hey there. The name is Knight Mocchi. I am the forgotten 13th knight of the Round Table. But that's just my professional life. In the meantime. I love to draw pictures. Though I don't use a lot of colour the drawings come to life through black and white. I'm 15-years-old and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I also love to write stories. I am hoping to be a writer and one day even be as great as J.R.R. Tolkien with my fantasy-based ideas. As you can see I love my RPGs. So I hope you like my art.

Feel free to email me at
email about anything, tel me about yourself. I like reading friendly emails. Any who... here is my work, enjoy.

--Knight Mocchi

Final Fantasy VII Fan Art

2003 Cloud ready to cut you down! (28.6 KB)
Pretty Aerith (for Amiee) (28.3 KB)
2002 Jerry Springer comic - 1 (124 KB) 2 (133 KB)
Tifa (21 KB)

Final Fantasy IX Fan Art

2003 Chibi Garnet (12.7 KB)
2002 Black Mage Garnet (25.4 KB)
Garnet kneeling forwards (20.2 KB)
Garnet lying on a bed (23.1 KB)
Garnet's gem shines (21.2 KB)
Shy-looking Garnet (12.1 KB)

Final Fantasy X-2 Fan Art

2002 Rikku (26.9 KB)

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art

2003 Kairi (14.4 KB)
Sora with the Keyblade (27.6 KB)
2002 Sora (23.3 KB)

Legend of Zelda Fan Art

2002 Link (15.8 KB)

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 9 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 10 Fan Art
Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
Legend of Zelda Fan Art

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