Hello! Welcome to my fan art page. I'm 16 (as of summer, 2002) and I love drawing cartoons... specifically Chrono characters. I go to an art school, and eventually I want to be an animator. Most of my work is painted, but lately I've been coloring a few pieces with photoshop. Anyway, there is one thing I must address, and it is that I do not take requests. I am very sorry, especially to any fanfic writers that I might have promised illustrations for, but the fact is I just don't have time to do something for everyone. So please enjoy whatever I come up with on my own. I love feedback though, so feel free to e-mail me any time :)

Chrono Cross Fan Art

2003 "Exquisite Wine..." (42.7 KB)
2002 Dark Serge (32.8 KB)
Dark Serge II (64.4 KB)
Face of the Chrono Trigger (39.4 KB)
Haunting Chronopolis (39.6 KB)
Kid (32.3 KB)
Kid/Schala (18.1 KB)
"My, you've grown bloody handsome while I was out of it!" (31.7 KB)
Saving Kid (93.1 KB)
Sea Serge (46.5 KB)
The necklace (33.4 KB)

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2003 Infant Schala (45.2 KB)
"Le Penseur" (36.3 KB)
"The Magician's Portrait" (88.1 KB)
2002 A dreaming inventor (20.7 KB)
A young prince (40.7 KB)
A zealous queen (28.5 KB)
Antipode 3 (134 KB)
Chrono Kids: As seen in Chrono Cross (36 KB)
Days of the past (33.7 KB)
Falling in love (27.2 KB)
From the top of the tower (37.4 KB)
Princess Nadia (33.3 KB)
Schala's Spirit (62.7 KB)
The Grand Flow of Time: Marle and Crono's wedding (67.1 KB)
The pendulum ticks (31.8 KB)
The young princess (30.8 KB)
What time is it? (52.6 KB)
2001 1000 AD (46.4 KB)
Crono and Marle at Denadoro (47.6 KB)
Luminaire (23.6 KB)
The Collapse of Zeal (76.5 KB)
2000 All I Have (48.9 KB)
Magus sitting by a waterfall (41.3 KB)
1999 A mage's cat (36 KB)
A Prophet's magic (45.4 KB)
A realistic pic of Magus (21.7 KB)
A realistic pic of Magus (color request) (13.7 KB)
A scene from Zealpropht's story ( I know, Cyrus is using his left hand....) (31.4 KB)
Battle with Magus (47.9 KB)
Crono Lives... (31 KB)
Cyrus' Memories (40.7 KB)
Flea casts a Chaos spell (28.1 KB)
Glenn's Memories (71.9 KB)
Haunting the sea (43.5 KB)
Ice Magic (37.5 KB)
Janus and Alfador (30.3 KB)
Lightning Magic (33.7 KB)
Little Brat (14.7 KB)
Magus (17.3 KB)
Magus: Evil Prince (22.4 KB)
Magus' Lair (22.6 KB)
Magus: Laughing in front of the moon (23.4 KB)
Magus with Scythe (18.7 KB)
Marle vs. Dalton (28.8 KB)
Nadia Disappears (31.4 KB)
Only Hope... (28.8 KB)
Schala: Forgotten Princess (34.1 KB)
"Someone Special" (Liquid Snake): Title Page (62.9 KB)
The Black Wind Howls (35.6 KB)
"The Magus Chronicles" (Liquid Snake): Title Page (39.5 KB)
The Search Begins (34.1 KB)
"The Story of Magus" (ZealPropht): Title Page (28.1 KB)
Waltz of the Wind (57.3 KB)
Zeal Omen (31.6 KB)

Chrono Cross Fan Art
Chrono Trigger Fan Art

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