Hi,it's me,IMC!:) I love Zelda and I've drawn Zelda Artwork since I was 10.Here some infos:

Name: Martina (Marty)
Age: 15
Birthday: 8.4.1988
Hobbies:Drawing,reading,Video games(Harvest Moon,Golden Sun,Sims,Final Fantasy,old SNES
RPGs),Zelda!!,Star Wars,Piano
Zelda fan since:1998.That was when OOT comes out!
Favourite Zelda Game:OOT,OOA,LA

I hope you like my artwork!:)If you have any questions about it,or new ideas you can e-mail me,I would be happy!:)

Legend of Zelda Fan Art

2003 Dark Link (64.4 KB)
Link (73.7 KB)
Link (60 KB)
Link and Epona (73.1 KB)
Link with ocarina (84.1 KB)
Wind Waker Link (46.3 KB)

Legend of Zelda Fan Art

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