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I love pretty much any game by Squaresoft, and I usually draw the 'evil' or 'angsty' characters. I don't color my pictures too often, but I'm trying to get better at it. I love hearing feedback, so if you like these pictures, I'd love an e-mail.

The "Squaresoft Guys" series is kind of in retaliation to all of those pictures I find of the Final Fantasy girls in bikini's, but I tried to keep the guys in character while I drew them.

Chrono Cross Fan Art

2003 Karsh (71.9 KB)
Karsh and Riddell (42.2 KB)
Norris gets a hug (110 KB)

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2003 Magus, before he killed Cyrus (inspired by ZealPropht's "The Story of Magus") (65.3 KB)
Magus in the moonlight (48.5 KB)
2002 Janus and Alfador (24.5 KB)
Magus having a little "chat" with Janus (24.3 KB)
Schala (7.23 KB)
Schala and Janus (22.2 KB)

Final Fantasy 4 Fan Art

2003 Edge (38.5 KB)
2002 Kain broods (30.5 KB)

Final Fantasy 6 Fan Art

2003 Scars (72.7 KB)
2002 Carbunkle (16 KB)
Celes casting an Ice spell (17.5 KB)
Terra in Esper form (24.7 KB)
Squaresoft Guys: Setzer (44.8 KB)

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art

2003 Cry For Redemption (89.3 KB)
One-Winged Angel (77.6 KB)
Reno (84.7 KB)
Rude (35.1 KB)
Sephiroth leaps (27.3 KB)
Tifa & Vincent (26.1 KB)
Tseng (61.5 KB)
Tseng's goldfish (50.6 KB)
Vincent looms (44.6 KB)
2002 Chaos Demon (21.3 KB)
Elena, looking menacing (25 KB)
Red as a puppy... Or is it a kitten? (25.6 KB)
Red XIII (79 KB)
Reno, everyone's favorite wise ass (22.7 KB)
Squaresoft Guys: Tseng (34 KB)
Tseng, pre-Turk (15.8 KB)
Vincent halfway through a Chaos transformation (21.4 KB)
Vincent, tormented by Chaos (33.8 KB)
Vincent turning into Chaos (38.7 KB)

Final Fantasy 8 Fan Art

2003 Chibis (42.4 KB)

Final Fantasy Tactics Fan Art

2002 Celia and Lede (26.1 KB)

Final Fantasy Unlimited Fan Art

2003 Better Days (43.6 KB)
Fading Memories (68.2 KB)
Ruoek (93.5 KB)
Squaresoft Guys: Shiroi (28.2 KB)
2002 Kuroki Kaze: Bishounen in Denial (37.1 KB)
Ru in her Werewolf Form (15.3 KB)
Squaresoft Guys: Kaze (34.7 KB)
Squaresoft Guys: Shiroi (27.1 KB)
Shiroi Broods (37.5 KB)
Shiroi Kumo = Cutest chibi ever (17.9 KB)
Shiroi Kumo and Kuroki Kaze (49.3 KB)

Crossover Fan Art

2003 Celes and Edge (FF4, FF6) (38.3 KB)
Final Fighting Fantasy (FF4, FF6, FF7) (69.6 KB)
IS Guile Magus? (CT, CC, FF9) (111 KB)
Kingdom Hearts meets FF7 (31.3 KB)
Random Bishies (FF6, FF7, FFU) (71.8 KB)
Random character heads (CT, FF6, FF7, FF8) (37.7 KB)

Chrono Cross Fan Art
Chrono Trigger Fan Art
Final Fantasy 4 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 6 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 8 Fan Art
Final Fantasy Tactics Fan Art
Final Fantasy Unlimited Fan Art

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