'Eyo people! First off, I would like to thank IcyBrian here for letting me use his page to show some of my work online since I'm a little stupid at making my own page... not that anybody except myself would visit. Heh... Next I just want to say that I would appreciate it if anybody e-mails me with comments or ideas. I know things aren't perfect so critisism is a MUST!! You know I really AM trying to get better at this art stuff. ^_~ Well, lastly, if you fanfic authors out there are wanting a cover page REAL BAD.. then I'm someone you can ask..? Nothing else to put in... I don't think... so Bye-bye! ~Sayuri~

Chrono Cross Fan Art

2002 Guile (11 KB)
Harle (11.9 KB)

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2002 Ayla (29.9 KB)
Collage of characters (42.2 KB)
Crono (7.87 KB)
Magus, Slash, and Flea (48.1 KB)
Marle (29.4 KB)
Schala (22.9 KB)
Tarot Card - The Empress: Marle (15.4 KB)
Tarot Card - The Hanged Man: Janus (12.7 KB)
Tarot Card - The Magician: Magus (15.6 KB)
2001 Ayla & Crono (75.3 KB)
Chibi Ayla and Magus (30.6 KB)
Chibi Schala (49.2 KB)
Cover page for "Tragedy of the Raven" by Prince Nightmare (81.1 KB)
Flea (57.7 KB)
Ioka and Laruba Tribes (94.8 KB)
Lost Princess of Zeal (42.4 KB)
Lucca, Marle, and Ayla wearing Prism Dress variations of their clothing (68.1 KB)
Manga: Schala gives Janus the amulet (76.8 KB)

Secret of Mana Fan Art

2002 Randi & Purim (17.8 KB)
Sleep (19.6 KB)

Chrono Cross Fan Art
Chrono Trigger Fan Art
Secret of Mana Fan Art

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