Emperor Steele

Hiya, my name's Steele. Yes, that's my first name, having nothing to do with remingtons, magnolia, thieving, metals, or anything of the like. I'm a 23 year old College student from a hellish, frozen suburb of Buffalo, NY. (it's april and fuggin 22 degrees outside.... WTF?!?!?)

In my spare time, I like to draw, write, make THIEF:tdp Mods, and work on webpages (like FF7 Universe). Unfortunately, I have very LITTLE free time =(

So yeah, i got some fan art here now, whoopee! Expect more sooner or later, though at the moment, my attention is needed elsewhere in my life (fuggin school)... read and enjoy!

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art

2003 Cid Kicking Ass (78.3 KB)
FF7 Crew Kickin' It Old School (13.9 KB)
Puppet? (68.4 KB)
The SOLDIERs and the FLOWERGIRL (47.5 KB)
Tifa (73.6 KB)
Unlikely Couples (99 KB)

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art

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