Name: BlueCat the Pessimistic .aka. the desperate artist.

DoB: 1980

Currently lives in: In a basement in San Francisco

Lives with: My cat.

Languages spoken: Indonesian, English, Japanese (forgotten much of it)

Qualifications: BA of Asian Studies - Double major Japanese Studies and Communications studies.
Current - Second BA (Illustration major) at the Academy of Art College.

Mediums I can use: Pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, Prismacolor markers, gouache paint, Photoshop.

Mediums I can't use: Clay, watercolor, crayons. Painter 7 (trying to learn), oil paints, comic tone.

Likes: My cat, drawing, travelling, reading, music, people contacting me (so email me damnit!).

Dislikes: Artworks that don't turn out, photos of me, getting a window seat on the plane, having to use mediums I can't use, telemarketers, spiders

Things that would make me happy: Having a life (I don't have one, really), getting a job at a comic publishing company, getting an appreticeship with a manga artist, earning my own money (preferrably a lot of money), getting hits on my site, people signing my guestbook, being able to lose 25lbs.

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art

2003 Sephiroth and Cloud (58.8 KB)
Vincent Valentine (65.5 KB)

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art

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