Annick Tremblay

Name: Annick Tremblay
Nicknames: AT and doudousse? o.o;
Age: 18
Sex: I'm a GIRL!
Type of music: Orchestral, Instrumental and techno.
Colors I like: Red and Black, Blood and Darkness
Colors I hate: ORANGE!!!! Iew iew ack! XD

Things I like: I like drawing, chatting, computers (even if they are evil), hanging around, watching TV, playing video games, dragons, centaurs, anything that is mystical, trying to do RPGs, learning, watching movies, being hyper, sleeping, not sleeping, animals, white tigers, rats, trying new things, doing stuff, meeting new people, having good friends and many more! ^_^

Things I hate: Rasism people, people who talk in the back of their best friends, the color orange, french class, being clueless, homework, having nothing to do, when the Muse doesn't visit me.

Final Fantasy VII Fan Art

2002 Red XIII (25.6 KB)
Reno (31.4 KB)
Rude (9.2 KB)
Rufus (33.9 KB)
Tseng (10.7 KB)
Vincent (25.2 KB)
Vincent (38.9 KB)
Vincent (34.1 KB)

Final Fantasy VIII Fan Art

2002 Squall (36.7 KB)
Zell (31.6 KB)

Legend of Zelda Fan Art

2002 Link (11.5 KB)
Link (40.4 KB)

Phantasy Star IV Fan Art

2003 Rika (52.7 KB)

Suikoden Fan Art

2002 Jowy (29.7 KB)
Nanami (25.8 KB)
Riou (36.8 KB)
Suikoden 2 ending (30.1 KB)

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 8 Fan Art
Legend of Zelda Fan Art
Phantasy Star IV Fan Art
Suikoden Fan Art

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