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Hi-o! I'm Alaer Kino, an AAA meaning All Anime Artist. Enjoy my high-quality Chrono Trigger (sometimes a little DBZ added in with CT) art and come to my site to see the rest of my huge artwork collection. I've been drawing for 12 years now and I'm improving slowly over time. If you want to request any piccys from me go to my Request Piccys Page on my site or click here! Feel free to e-mail me if you have nice comments or need to talk about anime especially CT. All praise is welcomed.

I love Pokemon, especially Mew and in CT my favorite character is Magus-kun. I like the others too but cute ol' Jack-sama <Janus-sama> is the best. Another feature you might like to see is that I made several popular fanfiction writer's ficcys into mangas! Yes, visual aid for all those cool fics out there. Well, not ALL fics, I won't live long enough to do all the great fics but I'm going to try something. I have ZealPropht's The Story of Magus made into mangas, two versions are waiting to be viewed. Marle's Darkened Heather ficcy is being made into a manga too and is almost done. I have a lot to offer on my sites, from mangas, request piccys, regular art, colored piccys, fanworks <yup! I host fanart, send your art in!^^>,Fun Featured Stuff, movies, WAVs, different anime media, and more! So visit sometime soon. ^^ Remember, if you are born with talent, work it up to it's beefiest prime. It can't grow on it's own. Have a nice to viewing my stuff and don't steal any of it, please! Thank you. :)
-Alaer Kino

Chrono Cross Fan Art

2000 Collage of characters (93.5 KB)
Lucca, Glenn (human form), and Kid taking a walk together (57.9 KB)
Serge drawn in metallic blue gel ink (75.3 KB)

Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2000 Colored Pics
Crono and Magus drawn in blue gel ink (15 KB)
Crono eating a sub sandwich (93.6 KB)
Glenn, Lucca drooling over him, and Magus complaining that he's getting old (145 KB)
Janus and Alfador (209 KB)
Janus and Alfador in front of a cool background (166 KB)
Janus as a child, teen, and adult (178 KB)
Janus as a teen, trying to control his temper (130 KB)
Janus in a bubbled, swirly colored BG (52.4 KB)
Janus in a cloak (52.1 KB)
Janus in milky gel ink pens (72.3 KB)
Lucca as a mermaid (138 KB)
Queen Zeal (166 KB)
Schala in purple metallic gel pens and Crayola markers (116 KB)
Schala winking (45.7 KB)
Young Janus on black paper in gel pens (70.2 KB)
Black and White Drawings
80 Silver Points (71.3 KB)
Alfador (52.1 KB)
Alfador and Janus together as always (29.9 KB)
Alfador loves his Meow Mix (75.7 KB)
Alfador waking Janus up (48.4 KB)
Baby Janus (9.09 KB)
Baby Janus and Cyrus playing together (40.3 KB)
Baby Janus and Lucca (51.3 KB)
Baby Janus as a Pokemon master, teen Janus with braids, and a tired Schala (55.7 KB)
Baby Janus being tortured by his inner demons (78.9 KB)
Baby Janus feeling under the weather (13.5 KB)
Baby Janus going to magic school with Alfador (43.7 KB)
Baby Janus looking sad and scared (52 KB)
Baby Janus pretending to kill Cyrus, with a bit of irony in the background (62.1 KB)
Baby Janus tripped on a rock and is crying (9.46 KB)
'Cedrick, We Meet Again...' from "The Story of Magus" (ZealPropht) (60.4 KB)
Chibi characters (79.9 KB)
Chibi Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Magus (46.6 KB)
Chibi CT team, with Robo as a toaster (85.7 KB)
Chibi Flea and Slash (36.2 KB)
Chibi group (54 KB)
Chibi Janus styles (62 KB)
Chibi Magus, Flea, and Slash (52.8 KB)
Chibi Ozzie, Slash, and Flea (58.7 KB)
Chibi Vegita and Chibi Janus (50.3 KB)
Chubby chibi Ozzie with chibi Flea and Slash (41.8 KB)
Collage of characters (129 KB)
Crono and Marle getting married (56.9 KB)
Crono and Marle (77.1 KB)
Crono as an angel and wounded (62.4 KB)
Crono destroys the Dragon Tank (62.1 KB)
Crono dies (80.9 KB)
Crono, drawn in different styles (60.9 KB)
Crono holding a Spirit Bomb (49.2 KB)
Crono just standing there (42.2 KB)
Crono-kun (47.6 KB)
Crono looking about, trying to be cute (39.9 KB)
Crono looking hunky-poo (59.7 KB)
Crono saying "Hi Dad!" to Son Goku (11 KB)
Crono: The teen who sleeps past ten (48.4 KB)
Cyrus and Janus see each other as faeries (56.5 KB)
Cyrus vs. Janus: From childhood to adulthood (63.1 KB)
Dalton and Zeal as babies and as adults (76.1 KB)
Dalton the pretty boy and Dalton in a boot (84.1 KB) 
Dalton must be a pirate (63.8 KB)
Dalton Surprise (63.1 KB)
Dalton thinks he's pretty (63.6 KB)
Evil Queen (55 KB)
Ferio from MKR is jealous of Crono (76.8 KB)
Flea and Zarbon as a couple (42.3 KB)
Flea: Before and after (58.2 KB)
Flea being a jerk to Janus (35.7 KB)
Flea: Guy or gal? (62.2 KB)
Flea has a crush on Magus? (63.5 KB)
Flea in full view (42.1 KB)
Flea looks quite afraid of Magus (56.5 KB)
Flea, Slash, and Magus standing side-by-side (59.9 KB)
Frog (51.7 KB)
Glenn-kun (9.01 KB)
Glenn and Lucca getting ready for a date (46.7 KB)
Glenn attempting to avenge Cyrus' death (29.1 KB)
Glenn with his Frog Shield, and Chibi Glenn (47.5 KB)
Grown baby Janus as a teen with Schala and Magus looking on (58.7 KB)
Grown Magus being Janus, and regular Magus (55.2 KB)
Grownup Janus in regular clothing (7.24 KB)
Happenings to Janus (98.8 KB)
Janus and Alfador, plus ribbons on Magus (78.8 KB)
Janus and Schala (53 KB)
Janus and Schala as adults and as children (78.4 KB)
Janus and Schala fear their mother (78.4 KB)
Janus and Schala hugging (48.9 KB)
Janus and Schala's reunion when they're really old (63 KB)
Janus and Schala with their fathers (58.6 KB)
Janus as a cat, sleeping beside Alfador (47 KB)
Janus as a child, teen, and adult (75.7 KB)
Janus as a child, teen, and adult (80.5 KB)
Janus as a child, teen, adult, really old, and dead (66.8 KB)
Janus as a dragon (74.3 KB)
Janus as a teen and in numerous DBZ forms (70.6 KB)
Janus beating Flea after she beat him up from "The Story of Magus" (96.1 KB)
Janus being a male model (39 KB)
Janus by candlelight (42.9 KB)
Janus causing trouble for Slash and Flea from "The Story of Magus" (69 KB)
Janus close-up (9.77 KB)
Janus, Glenn, and Crono (56.4 KB)
Janus growing up in different hairstyles (84.2 KB)
Janus grown up, as is (5.87 KB)
Janus grown up as Magus (56.6 KB)
Janus hugging Alfador (35.6 KB)
Janus hugging Alfador (39.8 KB)
Janus hugging Shenlong, the DB Dragon (49.4 KB)
Janus in a bee suit killing a teddy bear (64.5 KB)
Janus in a boot, this time with Alfador (41.4 KB)
Janus in a cloak (6.75 KB)
Janus in a zombie-like trance (39.7 KB)
Janus in lovely silk robes (42.7 KB)
Janus in New York, in a Pikachu suit, and as a DBZ teen (47.8 KB)
Janus in Piccolo's clothes (49.6 KB)
Janus is many things (64.9 KB)
Janus is Ozzie's bodyguard (48.1 KB)
Janus-kun: Last pic of 1999 (42.2 KB)
Janus modeling for a movie (80.9 KB)
Janus pondering many magic thingies (25.4 KB)
Janus profile (33.8 KB)
Janus putting blue dye in Flea's shampoo (63.4 KB)
Janus remembering Schala (54 KB)
Janus says no killing to any cats (39.8 KB)
Janus singing, being silly, laughing, serious, and more (77.6 KB)
Janus sleeping on a cat pillow (50.1 KB)
Janus staring meanly (20.2 KB)
Janus, the rude little prince (62.6 KB)
Janus thinking about a time he talked to Schala about Alfador (58.3 KB)
Janus, Toriyama style (44.9 KB)
Janus washing his hair at a waterfall (79.1 KB)
Lucca as a mermaid (39.8 KB)
Lucca dressed up in MKR clothing (47.5 KB)
Lucca dressed in MKR clothing, with dolphins (48.3 KB)
Lucca forcing Crono to drink his soup (60.2 KB)
Lucca in pain after trying to experiment on Lavos (47.4 KB)
Magus beat up on one side (60.8 KB)
Magus casting a spell (56.7 KB)
Magus causing trouble for Marle (83.2 KB)
Magus clutching his amulet and Angel Janus at a waterfall (69.4 KB)
Magus giving half his castle to Alfador (61.1 KB)
Magus holding Marle in a protective manner (15.9 KB)
Magus leaning to the side (52.8 KB)
Magus, Marle, and Lucca doing the Dark Eternal Triple Tech (57.7 KB)
Magus' song from the Mystics (76.7 KB)
Magus trying out different hairstyles when he was a teen (80.4 KB)
Magus wearing a new fashion in Mystic clothing (78.6 KB)
Magus wearing swimming trunks (48.8 KB)
Magus with Sailor Moon's Wizeman and Sailor Saturn (57.6 KB)
Majin Janus (8.98 KB)
Many shots of Crono (57.7 KB)
Many shots of Janus (63.9 KB)
Many shots of Janus (61.1 KB)
Many shots of Janus (68.9 KB)
Marle (34.2 KB)
Marle in a beautiful rose dress (17.9 KB)
Marle in a pretty pink dress (40.7 KB)
Masa and Mune watch Janus being chased by their sword (49.4 KB)
Only the shadow knows... (62.4 KB)
Ozzie is mislead (52 KB)
Ozzie, Magus, Flea, and Slash (73 KB)
Piccolo-type Magus meets Tapion from DBZ movie #13 (70.9 KB)
Pre-teen Janus wearing his amulet (10.9 KB)
Scenes from "The Story of Magus" (89.6 KB)
Schala being nice to bratty Janus (41.7 KB)
Schala dressed up to go dreaming (28.8 KB)
Schala in chibi form, in a swim suit, and regular (58.4 KB)
Schala is a swimsuit model (44.6 KB)
Schala, Janus, Flea, and baby Janus (99 KB)
Schala talking to Janus, and baby Janus in a boot (59.8 KB)
Shiny Magus (74.8 KB)
Sweet little Tata (28.8 KB)
Tall Magus meets short SSJ Vegita (58.8 KB)
Tata (19.5 KB)
Tata (or Crono) grown and as a baby (32.6 KB)
Teenage Janus (4.64 KB)
Teenage Janus close up (43.5 KB)
Teenage Janus with his Mystic 'friends' (86.8 KB)
The CT gang at the beach (85.7 KB)
The CT guys as Sailor Scouts (73.8 KB)
The Fighting Two: Janus and Flea (98.7 KB)
The Princess Dress Series: Marle in the rose cling dress (41.4 KB)
The Princess Dress Series: Schala in the rose bottom clip dress (44.4 KB)
Y2K Marle: First pic of 2000 (42.1 KB)
Young Janus (9.68 KB)
Young Janus crying (4.11 KB)
Young Janus fears the Zeal Prophet (42.5 KB)
Young Janus pets Alfador happily (39.2 KB)
Zeal Rocket: Janus, Schala and Alfador (10.9 KB)
Zeal Rocket, yet again (53.3 KB)
"The Story of Magus" by ZealPropht
I haven't had time to get these put up here yet, so here's the link for now.

Chrono Cross / Chrono Trigger Fan Art

2000 Janus in a fancy robe, with Leea (55.2 KB)

Chrono Cross Fan Art
Chrono Trigger Fan Art

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