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Ghaleon leaned against the wall of the palace in Pentagula looking over the city his red eyes scanning the city as a guard stepped onto the balcony saluting him. The guard spoke softly.

“All of the Destroyer’s companions has been captured and are being held in the towers, Dragonmaster Ghaleon.”


The guard left as Ghaleon sighed looking out over the city remembering the recent battle he had with Hiro. He chuckled for a moment looking down at his arm that was bandaged as he spoke to himself.

“That boy was able to scratch me which no one has been able to do for over one hundred years not since Alex’s time. I wonder for a moment where does he gain such strength and power from not from his arms or body.”

Ghaleon then turned looking at the white tower as a figure sneaked out of it wearing a mask as he chuckled for a moment remembering when he wore a mask. He spoke to himself again as he recognized Leo.

“There goes the hero to save the day which I used to do in my time. I was a hero once but now I am remembered as a villain. I still don’t understand where do Lucia’s companions get their power from is it the same source that Alex and his friends got their power from. I mean I saw love in Hiro’s eyes when I battled him after I took out Lucia. He loves her like Alex loved Luna and I know better then anyone not to underestimate the power of Love.”

Ghaleon slowly turned his back to the setting sun as he folded his arms looking down his cape fluttering as smile for a moment. He then spoke to himself again his red eyes looking weary and tired.

“I grow tired of playing the hero and villain and I need a rest from this game. Zophar and all of his minions are making the same mistake I made when I tried to destroy the world. The power of the human spirit should never be underestimate and although I am called the Dragonmaster. Hiro is the only one worthy of that title. Now it is time for me to play the role of villain again until I can rest again maybe this time around I can finally rest for good. Only a little while longer and my long wait will be over and the world will be saved once again by a love driven hero and his rag tag group of allies.”

Ghaleon laughed as he walked into the castle his eyes showing some happiness for the first time in his life.

The End

All That Glitters Is Cold 3 Fanfic Competition

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