Puppeteer Chapter 10

The Summoning

Prepared as they were, what awaited them behind the doors really was unexpected. The room they entered was illuminated by multiple colored, dazzling lights that came from all the stain glass windows on each of the walls in the chapel. To intensify the brilliance of light, along the side walls and by a large altar, rested many, many Doman candles. Before the altar, as if being a speck to this beautiful chapel stood the monk with his arms outstretched.

“You Returners are so predictable. Thank you Clyde, for I knew your free spirit would have you chase me down, alone,” Baram paused to smirk and to snap his fingers that cause the doors behind the three to slam shut. “Also, the only other two who would follow after you, would come to back you up.”

“Celes, look behind him,” Terra gasped and pointed ahead.

Gazing from finger to the appointed destination, the ex-general momentarily was surprised from the spenders of the idol she saw. But a moment was all it was. With a chuckle that crawled to a loud bellow, the monk began to move his arms all about. Above him, the idol stared down to the floor, an idol of Kefka.

At the pinnacle of the systematic motions, a wall of fire erupted instantly, leaving behind three large steel-humanoid creatures with a gargantuan great sword in each of the monster’s hands. With their bulk and weapons they remained erected, unfazed by the environment around them. There they remained, to protect their creator.

In unison, Celes, Shadow, and Terra unsheathed their blades. Immediately, Atma came to life, shining a brilliant red, while Illumina began to glow a gentle blue. The golems remained motionless, as if waiting for them to dare a step. A grin crossed the monk’s face.

“Ah, you both brought the swords,” Puppeteer purred, drawing out his own, magical sword, Excalibur, which was stripped from the king of Figaro.

The blade burst into a bright white, as it began to burn the dark-hearted owner’s hands. Not wasting another second, the monk placed the blade on the altar, chanting all the while. Waving his scolded hands above him, Puppeteer called to his god. Red, white, and blue from the enchanted weapons began to flicker while a stream of magic poured out of the blades and into the statue. The idol moved.

“What is he doing?” Shadow wondered.

Terra immediately looked at Atma and then to the statue. Magic has been dead in the world for six years; she has been half dead with the loss of her Esper self for six years ago. Still, she understood the unique movements and incantations enough to see what Puppeteer had in mind.

“He’s summoning Kefka from the dead with the magic of our swords!” Terra screamed and swung Atma in front of her. The steel golem slapped the pathetic attack away.

The parry was stronger than she expected, as the force of the great sword flung her across the chapel. Celes moved to her friend to make sure she was alright as the golem moved back into position. Stunned, but unharmed, Terra sprang to her feet. Both women watched helplessly as the magic in their blades began to drain.

Shadow observed the golems closely. Each creature was made from head to toe in metal, similar to an empty suit of armor. The bulk of these beasts were twice the length and width of Sabin. They’re big and powerful.

Without sparing another moment, the ninja sprang into action, running faster then he has ever run before. With a flick of his wrist, three tack stars flew out and embedded themselves into the golem’s eyes. Attempting to get around the creature, the ninja jumped off a bench and flipped forward.

The golem neither seemed to notice the weapons in its eyes nor cared for Shadow’s gymnastics. Pivoting to a ninety degree angle, the golem swung his sword down. Before it struck its mark, Shadow flipped back, just in time to see the bench he was heading towards be split in two. Once the ninja was far enough away, the golem returned to its post.

“Great. They’re fast too,” the ninja hissed.

“I wish I had my magic,” Celes put in, thinking a good Bolt Three would obliterate all three of these metal creatures in one shot.

Shrugging away the thought, the former general knew wishing for the impossible wouldn’t help anything. Casting a gaze pass the trio of metal, she watched the monk waving his arms about, oblivious of his surroundings. All of her training as a Runic Knight, she knew one thing about creatures created by magic. To destroy an annoying creature you need to kill the annoying controller.

“We got to get to Puppeteer,” Celes cried, charging the farthest right golem.

Terra quickly chased after her, moving towards the middle creature. With a shrug, Shadow went after the last golem. All three beasts came to life, intercepting their own threat. Mindlessly, they swung their swords for towards their target. Each of them missed.

Shadow side-stepped his golem, coming back around with Stunner, with three sharp jabs, the ninja backed away as another swing came his way. Noticing that his jabs left three, barely viable scratches, the ninja sighed and flipped away from the next swing.

Stopping short of the golems swing, Celes called forth as much magic as she dared from the Illumina, and swung instantly at the handle of the great sword. The calling cause the blade to lose much of its magic, but the desired result came. The great sword broke, losing its blade at the handle. A smile came to her face, only to be knocked off as the handle came flying at her and slamming right into her forehead. Lifting up its fists, the golem prepared to continue the fight.

Terra dived head first into the swing that came very close to her head. Remembering how Sabin had Qaletaqa at his mercy by dropping the man to his knees, she swung Atma with all the strength in her being into the back of the golem’s knee. But nothing happened. The golem wasn’t of flesh and bone. It didn’t understand anatomy, that if the back of a joint is hit, the joint should buckle.

The realization of her error came too late. Gazing up, she saw the metal creature raise its arms. She tried to run, but the golem quickly pinned her under its large foot. The great sword made its descent, right down to Terra’s exposed neck.

Chapter 11

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