Passage Prologue

The End of a Beginning

The couple walked slowly down the softly lit street, taking time in their stroll. They had just returned from a meeting of the town council, in which changes proposed by the queen and the new parliament were to be implemented by the town leaders.

“Did it seem to go fast to you?” the woman asked.

“Yeah,” the man responded. “But then, without the Senate or surplus of Godwin supporters, we can actually get straight to the point.”

“Yeah...” The woman laid her head on her husband’s shoulder. “It was nice not having a ridiculous amount of resistance, for once. I’m so glad Queen Lymsleia changed things...”

The man brought his arm around his wife, embracing her. “I agree. She may be young, but she truly takes after her mother. I can’t wait to see the wisdom that emanates from her in adulthood. There’s no doubt in my mind she’ll be an excellent ruler for many years to come...”

“And that wisdom is the relief we’ve been waiting for,” the woman said, placing her hand on her slightly protruding belly. “I was...afraid we would have to bring up our child under Godwin rule.”

“...To be honest, for a while, so was I.”


The man forced a smile, stopping his wife. “Hey,” he said. “Come on, Mildred. Let’s leave all this depressing talk of the past where it the past. I love you, and we’re about to start a family. We have a lot to be grateful for, and it’s thanks to Her Majesty, Queen Lymsleia.”

Mildred reciprocated the smile. “You’re right,” she responded, and then moved in for a kiss. “Come on. Let’s go home.”

Austin nodded, and the two continued their stroll, only to be intercepted by two figures that seemed to come out of nowhere.

“Wh-what the...?”

There was no warning; before either one of them had an idea of what was going on, a blade had already driven itself into the man’s heart. Mildred gasped in horror as the killer released her husband. She quickly lowered herself to his side as he collapsed, but it was too late. The wound had been as effective as it had been quick.

“Austin...” The woman cradled his head in her lap, sobbing at her loss. “Oh,”

A blade gleaming in the moonlight brought her out of her grief for a moment, causing her to look up. The two figures were now closing in on her. With their matching masks, uniforms, and doubled weapons, she recognized them immediately, but unfortunately, it would be in her final moments.

“No...” Mildred whimpered, moving away slowly as they came nearer. “Please, don’t...”

But the pregnant widow’s dying scream would be heard for miles.

Chapter 1

All That Glitters Is Cold 3 Fanfic Competition

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