Passage Chapter 11


Lymsleia tossed and turned all evening long, but hadn’t gotten any sort of rest. She had requested to stay in the infirmary, so periodically, she would get up and check on Richard. His condition, unfortunately, would not change.

“Your Majesty?”

Lymsleia broke out of her thoughts and set her eyes on Miakis, who had entered the room. “Oh...Miakis.”

“How are you, Your Majesty?” the female knight asked as she came closer. “Did you get any sleep?”

The queen moved herself to a sitting position, bringing her legs over the side of the bed. “Not really,” she admitted. “I might have drifted off a couple of times, but it wasn’t for very long.”

“I see. is he? Any change?”

Lymsleia shook her head. “No. He just...lies there.” She momentarily brought her gaze toward Richard. “It looks like he’s just’s a deep sleep, like Galleon said.” Feeling her eyes grow moist, she then turned to the young woman. “Miakis...I need to ask you a favor.”

“What is it?” Miakis asked, listening intently.

“I...I want you to train me in combat.”

Miakis’ jaw dropped, her eyes wide with shock. “Your Majesty!” she cried. “What for? You shouldn’t put yourself in any unnecessa--”

“Miakis,” the girl interrupted.


“You remember our conversation from last night, don’t you?” Lymsleia briefly lowered her eyes. “I don’t want to be useless anymore. I’ll have to take a husband one day, but I don’t want him dying for the sake of protecting me.”

“But...Your Majesty...” Miakis started, shaking her head, “protecting you is the duty of the Commander of the Queen’s Knights. Are you saying you’d rather throw yourself out there, and be vulnerable to any threat?”

“No, I...” The young queen sighed. “That’s not what I meant at all. I’m not asking to be on the front lines in war. I’m not even asking to be an exceptional warrior. I just...want to know enough to defend myself in the worst kind of situation, and if need be, my husband. Even if I could depend on the runes...I don’t want to resort to using Mother’s methods.”

“Your Majesty...” The female knight gazed at the girl, her frightened expression now replaced by an intrigued one. “Last night, the Dawn had it for a while, didn’t you?”

Lymsleia nodded. “Yeah. I don’t even know how or why I got it. One minute, I’m watching Richard fight the Nether Gate, and the next, I’m destroying the final assassin with the Dawn Rune. But, Miakis...” The stress returned in her expression. “What if the rune hadn’t sought me out then? That assassin...would’ve...and-and Richard would’ve...” She found herself being pulled into a hug.

“Your Majesty,” Miakis said soothingly, her arms wrapped lightly around the girl. “I...won’t argue anymore. I’ll do it. I’ll teach you a few things...on one condition...” She moved back, her voice and expression becoming firm. “...that you continue to allow us all to do our jobs!”

Lymsleia managed a weak smile. “I’d never take that away from you guys. I just want to help once in a while.”

Miakis smiled back. “Deal.” She released Lymsleia and moved back. “By the way, I’m told that Miss Jeane is looking for you.”

“Miss Jeane?” The queen was confused. “But why would--” It then hit her. “Oh. That’s right.” She turned around to Richard, who remained as still as ever. “I hate to leave him...but there’s something I need to know, and I think Jeane may be able to clarify it.”

* * * * *

A short time later, Lymsleia, accompanied by Miakis, entered the audience chamber. It was empty except for a few palace guards, as well as Galleon, Kyle, and Luserina Barows.

“Your Majesty,” both Kyle and Luserina greeted her.

“How are you, Your Majesty?” Galleon asked.

“Fine,” Lymsleia responded as she approached the throne. “And how are you all?”

“Huh?” The question seemed to catch the older knight off-guard. “Oh, uh...just fine. Ready to serve you.”

The girl smiled as she took a seat. “I’m glad to hear that,” she said. “By the way, is Miss Jeane in the palace?”

“Oh, yeah,” Kyle responded. “I wouldn’t forget a hot--err, I mean, she’s up in the Sealed Room, I believe.”

“I see. Then could one of you get...” The queen paused as Kyle walked away with a rapid stride. “...uh, Kyle?”

“Glad to do it, Your Majesty!” the man replied, not even stopping to look at her. If a person’s expression were accurately reflected through the tone of his words, then no one in the room could refute the big smile that was probably on his face.

When he was gone, Luserina approached the queen. “Your Majesty, word of last night’s invasion is spreading to other towns. Surely they await your orders. What will it be? Have them send a force to defend Sol-Falena?”

Looking depressed, Lymsleia let out a sigh. “It seems we have to. We’ve taken some damage to our numbers, and the commander has also been critically wounded. There’s no telling when he’ll be back in action.”

“Then I will send word immediately.”

“Thank you, Lady Luserina.”

The noble girl curtseyed, and then was on her way.

A while later, the door reopened, and in walked the scantily-clad runemistress and the smirking Kyle. “Your Majesty,” Jeane addressed her.

“Yes.” Lymsleia stood up as the woman came closer. “I was told you had something to discuss with me. Is it...the rune?”

“It is. Some time last evening, the Dawn Rune left the Sealed Room. Kyle told me you were in possession of it for a while, correct?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know why. I mean, I’m certainly not complaining. It really arrived at a convenient time. What I don’t understand is why then, after all the times it wouldn’t come to me?”

“Hmm...” Jeane studied the young girl, and then shot a glance to the other knights. “I have a theory, but that’s all I have. I believe the rune came to you because you called it.”

Confusion appeared on Lymsleia’s face. “I called it? That’s impossible. I’ve studied magic, but I have yet to be that gifted.”

“This goes beyond magic,” the woman stated. “A rune will choose a master it deems worthy. Perhaps in the past, the rune did not consider you worthy, but obviously, that’s no longer the case.”

“But that doesn’t make sense. Why would it think I’m worthy now? All I did was panic and pray to Brother for help.”

Jeane chuckled lightly. “On the contrary. It does make sense. If you recall, your brother was the previous owner of the rune. While he fought to liberate Falena, the rune likely recorded his desire to also rescue you. This may be why the rune came to you when you called it--it was protecting you in your brother’s stead.”

“Not because I was worthy?” the girl asked, still lost.

“Both, really,” Jeane clarified. “It wanted to protect you, but it wouldn’t have done so unless it thought you worthy. As I said, this is just a theory. While we have some information on the runes, no one can really say why they sometimes act the way they do. But I believe the fact that you’re both the ruler of Falena and the natural inheritor of the Sun Rune, as well as the sister of the former bearer of the Dawn Rune...all played a factor in the Dawn Rune’s decision to choose you.”

“So...” Miakis tilted her head, looking contemplative. “The queen is a natural choice for the Dawn Rune, but it only came to her because it remembered how much her brother wanted to save her? of makes sense! I guess.”

“It might not have thought to approach her before then,” the runemistress replied, turning back to the queen. “Or it might not have been ready to. It could even be said that you weren’t ready to bear it, Your Majesty. If you recall, the Sun Rune also rejected you because you didn’t have the proper qualifications.”

“And that’s why I have to...” Lymsleia brought her gaze down for a moment before looking at her female bodyguard. “Miakis...”

Miakis’ expression softened. “Your Majesty...”

“Huh?” Kyle finally broke out of his trance, his eyes passing between Lymsleia and Miakis. “Did I miss something?”

“Huh? Oh...” Lymsleia cleared her throat. “Well...I was worried about not being able to rely on the runes, but even if I could...I wouldn’t want to all the time. So, I, uh...I’ve asked Miakis for some combat training. I mean, just enough to defend myself in the worst case scenario.”

Galleon’s eyes widened. “Your Majesty, are you sure?”

“Yes. But I won’t intentionally put myself in danger. I’m still depending on the strength of my knights. Just...consider me the occasional helping hand.”

Galleon looked at Kyle, who looked at Miakis. The three exchanged glances once more, nodding.

The older man then kneeled before Lymsleia. “It would be an honor to have your assistance, Your Majesty.”

“Yeah, just...try not to show us up too much,” Kyle added, looking anxious. “And I know you can, considering you’re the daughter of Queen Arshtat and Commander Ferid.”

Lymsleia managed to crack a smile at his words. “Thank you,” she said with genuine appreciation, looking at all her knights. “All of you, thank you.”

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