Yellow and Black

The Turks, an elite organization established by Shinra, for the sole purpose of protecting the high-ranking members of Shinra by any means possible. The requisites are tough and the training tests grueling and difficult. Only the best are able to survive.

Yet, I survived. My name is Elena. I am the only woman in this organization. The other three members are three men. The cool and collected one is Tseng, the leader. The one with an attitude is Reno, a fiery redhead. The last one, Rude is the silent man.

We carry out our missions with precision and finesse. We show no emotions, not even when the victims have tears trailing down their faces. Yes, we are emotionless to such an extent.

But who can say that fate isn’t being funny? Even though due to professionalism, we were made to abandon our emotions, but emotions are still invoked everyday in our hearts. This seems ironic, doesn’t it? Ah, how I wish I could blame it all on irony and fate, but I can’t, I simply can’t.

I myself am binded by one emotion. Love. This sounds cheesy doesn’t it? This emotion is only supposed to appear in chick literature and romance films. But it has become a rising, in suppressible torrent in me. This is all because of him, our leader, Tseng.

I long for him, everyday. It’s a burning desire like an addiction to drugs or alcohol. I even dream of him in my sleep, I have visions of him touching me affectionately, kissing me while I stroke his long ebony hair. But when I wake up, it’s all just my imagination.

Then one day, we were supposed to capture a girl named Aeris. She was a valuable specimen to doctor Hojo. The mission turned out to be a success, but at the same time, it broke my heart. Why, do you ask? Well, Tseng turned out to be in love with her. He was in love with a woman who hardly knew him, not me. I cried myself to sleep for countless nights upon discovering this fact.

However, fate was not cruel, it still gave me a chance. We were supposed to go to the Temple of the Ancients for another assignment. When we were in there, we split up to look for our assigned target. Reno and Rude went off in another direction, leaving Tseng and me alone. I was about to run off into a separate function when Tseng stopped me. He asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner with him after the whole Sephiroth incident was over. I immediately agreed.

But it was just fate laughing at me. He never got to fulfil the promise. He was struck down by Sephiroth’s blade.

Now, I stand before his grave. My hands trembling as they place a white chrysanthemum onto the tombstone, my face already stained wet by the streams of tears running down my face. I can’t feel anything in my heart except pain and sorrow.

Perhaps, this was how it was meant to end, just another story of unrequited love.

All That Glitters Is Cold 2 Fanfic Competition

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