A Different World Epilogue

Kevin made his way across the wooden walkways of the Nanza Barrier. He wasn’t a huge fan of the Nanza Barrier. He was used to the bigger flashier life of Vane, but if this was where Michael and Ruby wanted to live the more power to them. Visiting wasn’t bad as long as he didn’t have to live here himself.

After wandering aimlessly for a while Kevin finally found his bearings and located the residential area of the makeshift fortress. Most of the residents lived in a separate barracks. The ones with families however, a rare exception, lived in larger apartments. Since most residents were bachelors their were few apartments. Michael and Ruby lived in one of the private apartments. Not fancy, but respectable Kevin supposed.

Over the last half a year Michael and Ruby had worked for Kyle, the Nanza Barrier’s leader as well as one of the Five Heroes. Should be one of the Nine Heroes, Kevin thought with a touch of resentment. He helped save this world after all, and no one knew about it, or would ever know about it! And to Kevin that seemed like the most heinous crime ever.

All of his hard earned fame was lost; thinking about it made him sick. Still, life on this version of Lunar wasn’t too bad, and he could earn fame anew. He was that good after all.

Kevin approached the third apartment from the left on the second story level, paused to make sure he had the correct one, then knocked. A moment later the door opened and Ruby stepped out. Her face lit up and she hugged Kevin, “Oh Kevin! You haven’t been around for ages. Come in!”

“Beautiful as ever I see,” Kevin greeted, “But I must point out that you’re getting quite fat.”

Ruby blushed as she rubbed her large belly. “Can you believe it? I’m going to be a mommy.”

“And I’m going to be a dad,” Michael said as he walked into the living area from one of the other rooms. Kevin still wasn’t used to seeing him without his Dragonmaster armor on. Now Michael was dressed like a standard Nanza soldier. Seeing him in plain leather armor was just weird.

“Scary thought,” Kevin joked. In truth he couldn’t be happier for them. In their former lives they never would have had the chance to be parents. It was impossible for a dragon to conceive with human child, but now that Ruby was one-hundred percent human having children wasn’t a fantasy anymore. “When’s the little guy due?”

“Not for another few months,” Michael answered, “Hopefully by that time we’ll have a name.”

“Kevin’s always been a favorite of mine,” Kevin offered. Ruby made gagging motions, and the friends all laughed. Michael realized how happy he was to still be able to laugh. During Zophar’s attack he didn’t think they, or anyone, would ever laugh again.

“I see the Magic Guild accepted you,” Michael said. After seeing the surprised look on Kevin’s face he added, “Your wearing the official robes of this Lunar’s Magic Guild.”

Kevin looked down at his robes with distaste, “I wish I still had my old robes. They were about a hundred times nicer than these things, but they’re way too torn up to be serviceable. Besides I’m not a ranking member of the guild anymore.”

“So how’d you make it into the guild?” Ruby asked. “They must have noticed that you weren’t a noobie, weren’t they suspicious about that. Think you’re a rogue wizard or something?”

“Nah,” Kevin dismissed the notion with a wave of his hand, “When Vane came crashing to the ground they lost a lot of records. I just told them that I lost my memory in the crash and all I know about my past life is my name and my ability to use magic. They had no way to disprove my claim, so they made me a member.”

“And any news on Ryan?” Michael asked. The young priest had parted ways with them shortly after the final battle with Ghaleon, and they hadn’t seen or heard from him since.

“Yeah, I got curious too so I looked into it,” Kevin said, “He joined Althena’s Church and officially became a priest again, but that’s about all I know. Guess he’s just the loner type.”

“Dinner’s almost ready. Why don’t you join us,” Ruby offered, making her way to the kitchen.

“You sure there’ll be enough?” Kevin asked as he followed her in.

Ruby gave him a curious look, “Of course, why wouldn’t there be?”

Kevin shrugged. “Well your getting so fat that I just figured you might eat most of the food yourself.”

“I’m not fat. I’m pregnant,” she said with a scowl.

“So you claim,” he retorted.

Michael smiled to himself as he joined them at the table. They were in a whole new world and had to start their lives over from scratch, but as long as he had his friends he didn’t really care.

* * * *

The people of Lunar lived on for the next thousand years. Life was harder without the direct aid of the goddess, but they survived and grew stronger. Time had reached an age of prosperity. Soon that prosperity would be threatened. Zophar would arrive from the Blue Star bringing with him death and destruction, but that had not yet come to pass.

The boy ran playfully through the grass. He had scratches on his arms and legs from climbing trees and falling off rocks, but if he felt them it didn‘t show. Instead he just ran freely through the tall grass, laughing happily as the wind whipped at his brown hair. Along side him flew his constant companion, a red cat like animal, no bigger than a kitten.

“Hiro! Supper’s ready,” an old man called, stepping outside of a solitary house.

“Coming grandpa!” the boy called back, changing directions toward the house.

“That’s m’boy,” the old man said, scooping the child into his arms, “Been having fun have you?” The boy nodded vigorously and burst into tales of the many adventures he had just had.

The boy had no idea that thousands of miles away on the Blue Star a demon was beginning to wake, or that his best friend was really the legendary red dragon. He was young and happy. For him everyday was a new adventure full of fun and games, but someday he would do great things. After all, he was the direct descendant of Michael and Ruby. Two of the heroes who had saved the world in secret a millennia ago. From this boy great things were to be expected.


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