A Different World Chapter 6

It was no longer a matter of foolish pride or a way to gain fame and glory. Kevin now had a singular goal: Survive.

His lungs burned as he darted randomly in all different directions. The amount of magic he was using was causing a severe strain on his body, and now that he was too worn out to cast spell after consecutive spell he found himself running more than fighting. Even as exhausted as he was he continued to cast spells when he could. One did not kill the Vice-Premier of Vane easily.

Another beast landed in front of Kevin blocking his paths. Conjuring up every last ounce of magic he possessed Kevin hit the beast in the face with a fireball. The attack was too minor to kill it but strong enough to blind it. Kevin took a deep breath and tried to regain focus. After that last spell he had gotten dizzy. Shaking it off the mage headed to his next goal: Lucia. Though she was obviously losing momentum her spells continued to come one after another.

If I can get next to her I’ll be able to rest up, he thought. His plan was to use Lucia as a safe haven of sorts. By using her as a shield he could rest up between spells, and Lucia seemed to be the perfect shield. Any monster getting too close to her was bound to find an early grave. Not that they would given actual graves. In fact after dying these creatures seemed to evaporate slowly. The ones killed at the battle’s start had almost entirely disappeared. Kevin supposed it was a good thing though. If the bodies had remained solid the battlefield would have been too crowded to move around in.

He reached her without too much trouble and paused to gather energy for another spell. This one was a lightning bolt. It knocked an enemy down, but it got back up almost immediately. He sighed and tried to regain focus. It did not come. His vision remained blurry and his thinking muddled. His eyes turned to Ghaleon and Kevin prayed. He needed more power, he had been pushed to his absolute limit. Now he needed to go beyond. Then it happened.

A bright crimson ball of energy hit Ghaleon and exploded with tremendous force. A soldier who had been standing near him was sent flying from the shock wave. Ghaleon’s eyes burst open with a look of shock. Red bolts of electricity crackled through his body as the evil energy sunk in. Then his eyes closed, and the god collapsed.

Kevin blinked. He hadn’t seen that. Only it had really happened. Ghaleon lay their face down and unmoving. The god of Lunar had been brought down. It isn’t possible, Kevin thought.

He looked across the battle field and spotted Michael. The Dragonmaster was standing in front of Ruby. Only Zophar could hurt Ghaleon, Kevin thought, But if Michael hasn’t been beaten how did Zophar get to Ghaleon?

Lucia stopped her perpetual spell casting and ran to the fallen god. She placed her hand on his forehead and closed her eyes. Turning to Kevin, who had followed with what speed he could muster she said, “He’s alive, barely.”

It was all to surreal for Kevin to fully grasp. “How did this happen?” he asked. Lucia didn’t answer. She didn’t know how.

* * * *

Zophar’s face glowed with amusement and triumph. “You humans never disappoint! Sacrificing your god, your liege, your only hope to win this war, for the sake of love. How delightful! The only thing more pathetic about your weak human bodies is your weak human emotions. Look Dragonmaster! Your god lays dying! Watch! It is your doing after all. It is your legacy!” Zophar once again burst into laughter, only this time his voice reverted from the mockery of Dyne’s long lost voice back to the inhuman warble of his true voice. Then the features of Dyne began to fade and Zophar was once again a cloud of endless black.

Michael could not respond to the taunting that Zophar cast down on him. His mind was overflowing with emotions. Anger came first and blazed its way into his mind clouding his vision. Then another emotion overrode his initial anger. Guilt. He had failed. Ghaleon was dying because he was unworthy of protecting him. He had taken the selfish route and chosen his own personal love over his duty. Worse, he had chosen it over the well being of Lunar. Everybody would suffer because of his selfishness.

Michael hung his head in shame. He had no right to be the Dragonmaster. Not only had he been selfish, but he would do it again if he had to. If he was offered the same choice over again he would make the same decision. He was unworthy of being the defender of god.

Zophar felt overwhelmed with joy and success. It had all been so easy, but now he had to rest. He had used most of his energy in the battle. Soon he would recharge, and when his power returned he would finish off any who survived this day. The Dragonmaster, the dragons, Lucia of the Blue Star, any and all who posed a threat would be destroyed. At long last the power of Althena would be his.

Zophar’s laughter faded away as did his body. Within moments Zophar had vanished, but his army of flying minions did not. The battle continued.

Nall was the first to act. He saw that the Dragonmaster’s heart had been defeated, and Nall knew that an apathetic leader was the last thing they needed. “Dragonmaster! We have not been completely defeated yet, but we must retreat, this is not a battle we can win! Grab Ghaleon and evacuate immediately!”

Michael turned to Nall and stared blankly. For a second Nall thought he might not act at all, but then his eyes lit back up, fueled by some inner resolve and he gave a sharp nod. The Dragonmaster sprinted to Ghaleon and tossed him over his shoulder. “Everyone evacuate immediately!” he ordered, “All of the Elite Guard seal yourselves in the fortress. Everyone else go to the dragons.”

Knowing his plan the four dragons returned to their dragon state. Still holding Ghaleon’s limp form in his arms Michael jumped onto Ruby. Kevin made his way through the chaos and climbed onto Lash, and Lucia boarded Nyreo the Blue Dragon.

The dragons kept the flying beasts at bay with their powerful breath. Ruby cooked monster after monster with her flaming breath as they continued to bombard the survivors. As they were about to leave the young priest who had been with Ghaleon and Lucia came running up. Michael looked at him in dismay and shouted, “I said all Elite guard into the fortress! Did you not hear?”

“But I’m not part of the Elite Guard!” the priest said. “My name is Ryan Burrent and I’m the High Priest’s personal aid. I was in council with Ghaleon when we were attacked.”

“Then climb on my back,” Nall commanded, “We must hurry before we get over run.”

Indeed their time was growing shorter. Ruby’s fire, Lash’s thunder, and Nyreo’s ice couldn’t hold the army of monsters off for much longer. The young priest hurried onto Nall’s back and clung to his neck. Obviously nervous from never flying on a dragon before.

The four dragons took to the skies. With their powerful wings they easily out paced the black winged monsters. Nall took point so he could lead them to a place that he claimed was still safe. The fortress soon vanished from sight. In the distance the sun began to set. Ghaleon’s reign as ruler of Lunar had come to a close.

Chapter 7

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