All That Glitters Is Cold Fanfic Competition

All That Glitters Is Cold was the first Fanfic Contest, organized and sponsored by Maggie Rennie. For more details check this thread on the forum, and this thread for the winners, who are also listed below.

1st Place: Quinctia: Eclipse Into Light - Won a $50 cash prize.
2nd Place: Nistelle: Delita, The King - Won a $35 cash prize.
3rd Place: Zaphod Beeblebrox: Reflections - Won a $25 cash prize.
Honorable Mention: EagleHeart: Forensic Fantasy VII: Bones - Won a $20 cash prize.

Aching To Return (Tales of Symphonia) by Frozencat

Can Your Hear the Call of the Wind? (Final Fantasy 6) by Biggs

Delita, the King (Final Fantasy Tactics) by Nistelle

Destitution Avenue (Final Fantasy 9) by Dawn Wilkins

Eclipse Into Light (Final Fantasy 7) by Quinctia

For Services Rendered (Final Fantasy 4) by Rukochan

Forensic Fantasy VII: Bones (Final Fantasy 7) by EagleHeart

From The Sea (Final Fantasy 6) by Nistelle

In the Shadow of the Triforce (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) by Thanh Tam

Legacy: The Story of Lucca Ashtear (Chrono Trigger) by Chains of Fate

Reflections (Final Fantasy 6) by Zaphod Beeblebrox

Rift (Final Fantasy 7) by Alek

The Magic Within (Final Fantasy 6) by WindWolf

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