• One month deadline on chapters. After I contact you, you will have ten days to get back to me saying whether you can do it or not. If you haven't gotten back to me by then, I'll contact someone else about it. If you can't do a chapter when I ask you, please tell me so. Don't try to cram it into your schedule. I don't want to put a huge burden on anyone or get stuck waiting well beyond the month limit for you to finish a chapter. If you're going to need a little more time, just tell me (and give an estimate for how much time it'll take.)
  • If you want clarification regarding something from a previous author who hasn't been named yet, send it to me and I'll redirect it to the author.
  • Maximum chapter length of 6500 words (equivalent to 20 pages in Word or a 45k html file.)
  • No turning the story into a crossover.
  • If you want to introduce an original character, you do so at your own risk. This is due to the fact that most authors don't want to see their original creations act in ways other than they envisioned them.
  • Crude language will be allowed. Fuck, shit, damn: all allowed. Don't go overboard, though. And don't censor any words by saying "f#&$".
  • Try to keep the characters consistent throughout chapters. The main example of this would be not to have a character saying fuck a lot in one chapter, and then all of a sudden go down to simply saying darn in the next. Ask yourself if the character would really say that, and then consider that the character could still speak without using any cursing at all.
  • Although romance is fine, please try and avoid graphic sex scenes.
  • Try your best to stick to the original tone of the story.
  • Don't bastardize characters. Just because you don't like them, other authors might. This goes with following the tone and flow of the story.
  • If the story looks like it is ready to be ended, begin to do so (but notify me to let me know you're going to start bringing it to a close.) Don't let it drag on for too long, but also don't end it prematurely.
  • Last but not least, don't tell anyone you're involved in Cold Fusion until you've been revealed as an author. No real reason why, just seems more fun this way ^_^

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