Elements of Chaos Chapter 2

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Jesiah watched at the transport carrying his son, and wife, took off. He never noticed Hyuga come up behind him. "Where they off to?"

Jesiah turned around in surprise. "Oh… My son's birthday is coming up. We were all supposed to leave on a trip together. I told my wife something had come up, and I meet her later…"

"Strange time to take a trip…"

"Well, up until twenty hours ago, I never knew about this mission…"

Hyuga laughed. "None of us did…" Then he stopped. "And I can't say I like it."

What does he mean by that? "Why not?"

"I would like to have more than a day's warning before this kind of thing. I could have practiced more. Still, maybe we'll get lucky. After all, Shevat won't be expecting us. Not that it's helped during the last two invasion attempts…"

The look on the young man's face almost caused Jesiah to tell him everything. Jesiah knew of Hyuga's past. All the elementals did. Jesiah knew that even if Hyuga survived the attack, a fact that was highly unlikely, the betrayal could kill him. However to tell Hyuga the truth risk revealing his betrayal. Jesiah had pushed his luck once already in his life. He didn't need to do it again. Even though of all the people living in Solaris Hyuga had the least reason to like them, Jesiah knew that the friendship that had developed between the Elementals could have very well changed the young man.

Jesiah was a little unnerved. Of all the people he had to work with on this mission, Hyuga was the last he wanted to. Still, he'd know the risks when he took up the job. Now that he needed to deliver results, he couldn't back down. The attack would go on, and many would die all because of him. Many would die even without me. Why do I feel so guilty? They are the enemy, all of them. They want to destroy the world, and everyone living on it… "Well, I guess we should get going. We have to be in position before the others…" And I only have so much time to warn them of the attack until it's too late. Even if I was to take Hyuga out, and the barrier isn't shut down, they may have another way to get through. Still, one thing at a time…

The two boarded the ship, and Jesiah headed towards the weapon storage. "I'll check our equipment, you get ready to launch."

Once out of Hyuga's sight, Jesiah began to check the equipment. First he checked his own; making sure his gun was fully loaded. He then removed all the bullets from Hyuga's and replaced it in its holster. He thought about taking the sword as well, but then stopped. He can't beat her, so why make things worse…

Jesiah felt the ship take off, but he held his position in the cargo hold. He didn't want to face his friend, the friend he was about to betray. If only you understood the war that was going on and the choice I had to make…

Half an hour latter, the ship reached its destination. Jesiah had no choice but to head forwards now. He was the one trained in the use of the shield disrupter. Even if it doesn't work, which I hope, we don't need it to get though… He began to enter the activation codes for the disrupter. In theory, the disrupter would allow the ship to pass though the shield without notifying the people of Shevat that it was there. As Jesiah read thought the report, he realized it could very well work. One thing I can find out. If so, it will be one more thing to worry about…

He shook his head, and input the codes. As he was warned, the lights dimmed slightly to power the shield disrupter. The ship passed though the shield as if it weren't there. A quick glance told Jesiah that Hygura was still busy. In addition to entering the code to deactivate the shield disrupter, Jesiah sent a signal over a pre-arranged frequency. A warning to Shevat that an attack was imminent. The moment the ship docked, it would be surrounded…


Back in Solaris

Kahran waited with his forces. To move to soon would give away the element of surprise. To wait too long would risk letting gears escape. He knew the exact moment that Jesiah and Hygura had departed. "Another 5 minutes…" He looked over to his second, Miang. "Time to board…"

Miang nodded, and passed on the order. By launch time, all was ready. The gears took off exactly thirty minutes after the infiltration crew. "Today is the day that we end the threat of Shevat, and Solaris will rule…" Kahran smiled at the though.

Sigured swatted at a fly. The darn thing had been buzzing about ever since he and his men had taken position. "If only we hadn't been forced into this god-forsaken land so early…" He glanced over at his second, who drew back slightly afraid. No one messed with Sigured in a bad mood. He was too dangerous, and unpredictable. His second in command, Jess, almost wish he'd been given any duty but this. True, it was his first mission as a second, but Sigured had a bit of a history. Jess wasn't sure that the added pay was worth the added risk. "Sir, the barrier should be down within ten minutes, according to plan. However if anything were to go wrong…"

Sigured gave Jess a look that could have shattered stone. "Nothing will go wrong. Hyuga and Jesiah are both amazing men. If anyone can pull it off, they can…"

(As long as nothing goes wrong… Something has been bothering Jesiah. I could tell at that meeting. After this is all over, I aim to get to the bottom of this…)

Sigured settled down to wait. Suddenly his had flew down. "Got ya, you bugger!"

Jess was starting to wonder just how much this promotion was really worth.


Back in Shevat

Hyuga came out of the back with his sword, and gun. "How about I take over well you get ready?"

"Sure…" Jesiah knew that Hyuga could dock the ship as easy as he could. (But I don't want to face him. Not until this is over. Maybe not even then…) He sighed, then picked up his equipment. As he buckled on his holster, he checked once again to make sure that his gun was loaded. It was. There was a slight bump as the ship hit the dock, then the engine cut out. Jesiah knew that he was about to do something that would forever change his life. "I'll go first…"

Climbing up, he was unsurprised to see the ship already surrounded. His old teacher spotted him the moment Jesiah climbed out, and nodded. Jesiah yelled down to Hyuga. "All clear. Let's get moving…"

Hyuga followed, but was immediately surrounded as he exited the ship. "What…?"

Jesiah turned to his friend, with his gun drawn. "Drop your weapon."

Hyuga's face was a mask of shock as he realized what had just happened. "You betrayed us…"

Jesiah shook his head. "No… I've been a spy ever since reaching Solaris… I hoped it would never come to this…"


Jesiah turned away. "Just be thankful you're getting out of this alive. The others aren't going to be so lucky…"

The last Hyuga saw of Jesiah was his back, as he left his friend to the mercy of the Solarians…

Cold Fusion

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