Chrono Shift Introduction

By Tool23X

This story is probably unique to the fanfics that are currently on Icy Brian’s Page. Technically, it could be viewed as a crossover story, but that would not really describe Chrono Shift very well. Basically, the two games that are combined in this fanfic are Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, so the story could not really be called a crossover since the two games are in the same series (in case anyone did not know, Chrono Cross is the sequel to Chrono Trigger, however the two follow storylines that are independent from one another). This tale could be considered a fanfic for both games. What I have basically tried (and likely failed) to do was merge Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross together, to fill in some of the holes that neither game really cleared up, and to make a single story out of the two. I hope to bring them together, and then expand the story as much as possible. This could be seen as a way of continuing the saga of the Chrono series. 

The story itself starts out sort of confusing, hence I decided to provide a bit of explanation for the story. It does not start out with any character from Chrono Trigger, such as Crono, Lucca, or Marle; nor does it start using characters from Chrono Cross, like Serge or Kid. Many of these characters will show up later in the story and most will be there only briefly. Instead of these characters, Chrono Shift starts out with a teenage boy named Augur (this may make the story seem rather unrelated to either of the games for quite some time). Augur lives in the Kingdom of Zeal in 12,010 BC, ten years before the events of the Ocean Palace. He is in a class for very gifted magic users, along with a young girl named Seraph. At this time they are the only ones in this course. The teacher is known as Candor, and she trains the gifted students. Pupils entering the class will train to be powerful mages. They will work close to King and Queen Zeal (At this time, at least in my story, King Zeal is still alive), and be apprentices and helpers to the Gurus. A strange incident one day in the Earthbound Caves leaves him stranded in a bizarre world. This is not an alternate dimension as in Chrono Cross; this world is completely different. Here he discovers that because of his absence in his home world, a strange force destroys human civilization in ten years. He must find a way to get back to Zeal and prevent the event from occurring. The story becomes much more complex than I made it sound here, but as I write my fanfic, it will become more and more clear.

If some of the early happenings in my story seem similar to those in either Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross, then that is because it is intentional. I have tried to keep some of the, for lack of a better word, “traditions” set by the two games alive in my story. A good example would be in the very beginning, Augur’s mother awakens him because he slept in and he will be late for his session with Candor. This is parallel to Crono’s mom waking him up in the beginning of Chrono Trigger and Serge’s mother getting him out of bed at the beginning of Chrono Cross. I was careful with this idea because I knew that if I included too much of this my story would seem unoriginal. The tale takes a very distinct path of its own, and it is quite unique, but I just added these small things to remind people of the games in which my fanfic is based on. A warning to all: I do not recommend reading this fanfic unless you have played through both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. If you do, not only will you likely become rather confused and frustrated with the story, but the story also contains spoilers to both games, and if you do decide to play them, it will ruin much of the story for both of them. I strongly suggest playing both games through without the help of a guide to get the full experience out of them, and then I welcome you to read Chrono Shift.  

A final note: Chrono Shift will be full of rather gruesome carnage, and at times uses strong language. Sexual innuendo will also be included (come on, how could I not use this, it’s just to much fun). If such things offend you, then you should probably not read it.   With that out of the way, I would like to present to you Chrono Shift.


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