Chrono Shift Prologue

By Tool23X

Life is such a precious gift, and is acknowledged as one, but in the endless disorder that constitutes our existence, no mortal creature has an accurate perception on just how valuable this endowment is. Forever awaits a worthy host with the capability to nurture the child, yet even then, if the conditions are suitable, life occurs only by chance, meeting requirements in the smallest window of time. Chemical reactions fire unsystematically to provide a miniscule opportunity for atoms to form series of organic compounds, from which the first protozoa will somehow miraculously begin carrying out the life processes in a deep sea.

The mother sea cultivates, clinging dearly to the dream of life situated in its womb. If by chance, the unicellular organisms survive, incalculable epochs will elapse before the creatures develop the ability of thought. Resulting from the products of contemplation, all life must contend for survival each day, even though a fatal demise ultimately arrives to each entity. Death is the greatest adversary of life, and in the end, death has never lost a battle. The organisms eventually become civilized, which should be defined as hypocritical, since civilizations necessitate seizing the planet and resources, lacking reason or need to return it. From here, two paths are taken. Either the species discovers the blunder in its system and fixes the planet, or remains egotistical and smashes the mother into oblivion for its individual benefit. The narcissistic creatures must inevitably traverse the unfathomable, sinister, bitter niches of the cosmos to prolong their existence, where they approach other life forms and eradicate them gratuitously. Is there a motive for the mechanical massacre of all things? Is there a reason behind all that exists? Is the yearning for living truthfully so magnificent? Life did not always subsist in this manner, it was once the grand dream of a quiescent divinity, but the greedy wish for something further is always the downfall of any foundation. One day, life may no longer succumb to death, but instead flourish in its presence. It is the hope of the mother to save her offspring despite the maiming done to her by them, paying no consideration to the probabilities. The victory of the dream, like the triumph of anything, all depends on a problem of possibilities, which may or may not go in favor of the idealist.

I Love You So Much...
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