The Search for Zeal Chapter 2

Beneath the Currents of Time

By The Game God

Schala was descending deeper into the water, her magic whirling around her, holding back the wall of seawater. She saw schools of fish curiously investigate her sphere of magical energy and swimming away. The light of the surface began to vanish as Schala quickly dropped of the continental shelf and deep into the abyss. The swirling brightness of her magic barrier was the only light Schala had on the murky seafloor.

She walked for hours, never once knowing where she was headed. Schala stopped to rest on the edge of an underwater cliff. She looked out over the valley floor and saw something quite unexpected. There were scores of crystalline domes, stretching out as far as Schala could see. The domes were all lit by a soft blue glow. In the center was a much larger, silvery cupola, towering over the rest of the metropolis.

Schala slowly moved toward the city. As she drew nearer, she could see shimmering white structures within the domes. Schala touched the edge of one of the domes, her magic allowing her to pass through to the other side. Inside, the room was warm and bright, but apparently abandoned. The walls of the buildings around her were made of slick white stone and crystal. ‘Just like Zeal.’ Schala thought.

Suddenly, the voice sounded in her head again, much clearer then ever before. *Yes, it is much like Zeal, in more ways than one.*

Schala turned in panic, seeing no one nearby. “Who are you?!” she shouted, “Where are you?!”

*You don’t need to shout… or even speak. I can hear you thoughts Schala.*

‘Who are you?’ Schala thought.

*I brought you here because you are the only one who can save us.*

‘Why me?’

*You will find out, very soon.*

‘Where are you?’ Schala demanded.

*We will be together very soon… now sleep.*

Schala was getting quite impatient, and certainly didn’t feel like sleeping, but in a short time, she was overcome by a darkness and drifted off into a deep, dreamless sleep.

< The Search for Zeal: Chapter II >

“Welcome to New Zeal.”

Schala opened her eyes and saw a kindly old woman standing over her. “The voice… it’s you!”

She smiled, “Yes, your highness, my name is Sinope”

“You know?”

“Yes… we all know.”

Schala sat up; “Did you say this is ‘New Zeal’?” She nodded. “I can’t believe that Zeal survived, even after all this time.”

“It’s not as wondrous as you think.” She drew back a silken curtain to reveal a black tower at the center of the city. “The Tower of Choas” Sinope said, “the bane of our existence.”

“How did Zeal survive?” Schala asked.

“You know of the war between Zeal and Guru Mosk’leono?”

“Of course,” Schala said, “my father died during that war.”

“Mosk’leono was sealed in crystal and imprisoned at the bottom of the sea for all eternity. But when Lavos arose and destroyed Zeal, sending the fragments of the continent crashing to the sea, Mosk’leono’s prison was damaged, releasing his ethereal self, but not his physical self. His power has grown exponentially. He was able to re-make Zeal into this dark paradise.”

“Mosk’leono can only be released or destroyed by the Sovereign Blood of Zeal.” Sinope and Schala looked to the door to see a strong man in crystal armor.

“Ganymede, we cannot force her—“ Sinope started.

“We have no time.” Ganymede said, “Mosk’leono will find a way to escape and when he does, New Zeal and the surface world will be finished!”

“We cannot take that risk now.” Sinope said, “We cannot put them both in danger!”

“What do you mean ‘both’?” Schala asked.

Sinope sighed, “I wish I had more time…” she glanced at Ganymede, “to tell you this properly… you are with child, Schala.”

Schala put a hand on her womb, “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Sinope said, “about six weeks along.” Schala looked down at her womb, saying nothing. “Now you know, that by helping us, you will be putting your unborn child at risk.”

“But if I don’t help you, all will be lost and my child won’t have a future. I will help you…” Schala stood up slowly, “… no, I must help you!”

Sinope turned to the crystal-clad knight, “Ganymede, gather the others… we have a lot work to do.”

< The Search for Zeal: Chapter II >

The shadowy image of Mosk’leono moved slowly around the fractured crystal prison that housed his time-frozen body. “Something is not right.” he growled. He turned to the first of three dark figures lined up before him. “Commodore Juno, give me a report on the status of the city.”

Juno, a silver-haired man dressed in black crystal, nodded, “An entry was detected, south of the tower, but the intruder is still eluding our patrols.”

Mosk’leono glared at him and turned to the second of his warriors, “Io, what have you to report?”

“Nothing at this time, my master.”

The guru looked to the last of the warriors, a slinky, dark-haired woman, “Lysithea?”

“We believe that the intruder was summoned by Sinope.”

Mosk’leono’s face darkened, “Sinope, that usurping witch! Go, find them and bring them to me!” The three ebon-clad commodores bowed and quickly left the fallen guru’s sanctum. Mosk’leono gazed out across his city. “There is something more behind this…” he whispered, “Soon I will be free and the world above will be mine!”


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