The Search for Zeal Chapter 3

Up In Arms

By The Game God

Sinope and Ganymede lead Schala to what looked like an armory. The walls were lined with weapons made of numerous types of metal and crystal. “Welcome to the Armorment.” Sinope said, “The others will be here soon.”

“Others?” Schala asked.

Just then, two figures dressed in white and crystal armor entered through another door. Both women were tall and slim, with long, ashen hair. Sinope smiled, “May I introduce Callisto and Calypso, twin warriors, each as lethal as the next.”

Ganymede, Callisto and Calypso each moved to the wall and drew their weapons. Ganymede drew an axe. Callisto and Calypso each drew identical spears. Schala’s jaw dropped. “You mean it’s just the five of us against Mosk’keono’s army?!”

“The four of you.” Sinope said, “Mosk’leono can sense when I am near. If I go, the element of surprise will be lost.” She put her hand on Schala’s shoulder, “But don’t worry,” she smile, *I’ll be in touch.*

Ganymede smiled. “Your highness, take these.” He handed Schala a plate of crystal armor and a long, thin sword. The blue hit was shaped like a phoenix and the sleek white blade had an impossibly sharp edge.

“I don’t know how to use this.” Schala said.

“Just let your heart guide you,” Sinope said, “and you will triumph.”

“It’s time we get going.” Ganymede said.

Callisto, Calypso and Ganymede drew their weapons and crossed them in front of Schala. Schala put the blade of her sword in the center. Ganymede nodded, “The brave do not fear the grave.” At that, the four warriors sheathed their weapons and headed off toward the night-black tower in the center of the metropolis.

< The Search for Zeal: Chapter III >

A twisted smile slowly spread across Mosk’leono’s face. “Sinope has sent them here… to me.” He looked as his trio of lethal commodores. “Juno! Io! Lysithea! Go, destroy them!”

Each of the warriors saluted the incorporeal guru; “Yes, my lord!” they said in unison before quickly leaving the room.

Mosk’leono looked back out across the city, “Everything is falling into place…”

< The Search for Zeal: Chapter III >

“Here it is,” Ganymede said, “Mosk’leono’s stronghold.” He drew his axe, “Here’s where the fun begins.” The doors of the tower opened, revealing a legion of soldiers made of crystal. The light coming into the room went through the soldiers, bathing the room in dark rainbow-colored light.

Juno, Io and Lysithea stood under an archway at the top of the front stairs. “I thought you’d try something a bit more subtle, Ganymede.” Juno said, “Still taking orders from Sinope, are you?” Ganymede said nothing. Juno nodded to Io and Lysithea, each of the commodores drawing their weapons. “Attack!” Juno shouted.

A thousand crystalline soldiers raced toward the humble quartet. Ganymede, Callisto, Calypso and Schala drew their weapons, “The brave do not fear the grave… if we die, we die with honor!” Schala held out her hand causing a wave of swirling light to rip through the army of attackers, shattering every one she hit.

“Go!” Schala shouted, “Get the leaders… I’ll handle these drones!” Ganymede, Callisto and Calypso raced through the crowd, swinging their weapons wildly to clear the way of assailants.

Ganymede, Callisto and Calypso dashed up the stairs, coming face to face with Juno, Io and Lysithea. “We end this now!” Juno said.

Ganymede looked back to see Schala devastating the ranks of crystal soldiers with powerful bolts of magical energy. “Yes, let’s end this now.” Ganymede said. The commodores’ swords crashed down onto the weapons of the rebels, sending sparks flying in all directions. The dark trio was easily overpowering the rebels with synchronized movements of their swords.

Schala had used her magic to dispatch with all of Mosk’leono’s soldiers, reducing them to broken, glassy shards. She raced up the stairs to find her allies locked in combat with three dark warriors. Schala put her hand on the hilt of her sword. “Save it,” Ganymede shouted, “go to Mosk’leono while to still have the chance!” Schala turned and raced down the hall, following the Black Wind to its source.

< The Search for Zeal: Chapter III >

Schala stopped in the center of a pitch-black room. Suddenly, a light shone down on her and spread across the chamber, revealing a sanctum of crystal and Dreamstone. She saw a dark image of the fallen guru appear in front of a large, fractured crystal. “Greetings, your highness… welcome to my playground.”

Schala raised her hand and released a bolt of light at the figure. The light passed through him, impacting on the crystal and vanishing into nothingness. Schala stepped back in shock as Mosk’leono smiled slowly.

“You cannot harm me, highness.” he gestured toward the large prison crystal, “Yes, the premature rise of Lavos and the destruction of Zeal damaged my personal stockade enough for my ethereal self to escape…” he casually passed through Schala and turned back toward her, “but freedom… complete freedom; body and soul, still eludes me.” He smiled, “But you, Schala, have the power to set me free.”

“And just what do you plan to do once you are freed?” the princess asked.

“Rule…” Mosk’leono said, “and to re-make the world, both above and below like Zeal.” The population of the entire world will be eternal, and I will be their savior, the very one who liberated them from the icy grip of death!”

“Everyone must die,” Schala said, “it is the way of things, the law of eternal circle of life.”

“Even the oldest laws can be broken.” Mosk’leono sneered, “If you won’t help me, then I will help myself!”

Suddenly, Schala’s sword flew out of its sheath and screamed across the room, the ivory blade lodging in the cracked crystal prison. “No!” Schala shouted, running across the room. She grasped the hilt tightly and pulled it free from its confines. Slowly, the crack in the crystal grew larger and the soft blue glow of the crystal took on a deep red luminescence. Just then the crystal shatter, sending a burst of energy through the city.

“Free at last.” Mosk’leono said, “I thank you, your highness.”

“You thanks are premature, guru!” Schala said, lifting the sword, light swirling around the shimmering white blade.

Mosk’leono laughed, “You think you can best me?” He lifted his hand causing a long red and black staff to form in his grip. “Very well, it has been many millennia since I’ve had the pleasure of killing someone by my own hand!”

Schala gripped the hilt of the sword tight as Mosk’leono drew closer to her. Just then a voice sounded in her head. *Let your heart guide you and you will triumph!* Schala raised her sword as Mosk’leono’s shaft crashed down onto her blade. There was a blinding flash of pure white light. It flooded the halls of the tower, completely vaporizing any of Mosk’leono’s soldiers.

Ganymede, Callisto and Calypso raced out of the tower as the ebon structure vanished in an aura of white light. The city rejoiced as the tower vanished, forever releasing them from Mosk’leono’s rule. Sinope approached her three allies. “Did she make it out?” Ganymede asked.

“It’s time we find out.” Sinope said, heading into the crater left by the lost alcazar. Slowly, the people of New Zeal moved into the crater, looking for their savior.


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