Mystery of the Masamune Part 4

Hearts Broken, Promises Kept

By The Game God

Glenn and Cyrus were planning a voyage to the Truce Region.  They were off to make their fortunes.   They were still young men, Cyrus near twenty and Glenn fifteen.  Glenn looked out his window at Leene in her window across the field.  She was watering the plants near her window.  She looked up and saw the green-haired young man.  She smiled and waved to him.  Glenn waved back, but he wasn’t happy.  He didn’t want to leave Leene behind but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her how he felt about her.

“She is beautiful.” Cyrus said.  Glenn looked back to see his friend standing by the door.

“Aye…” Glenn said, “… I will miss her.”

“Why don’t you ask her to come with us, Glenn?”  Cyrus said.

“I can’t…” Glenn said.

“Tell her how you feel about her.” Cyrus said.

“I cannot risk her not feeling the same way.”

“If you don’t go to her, if you leave without even speaking to her, you will regret it for the rest of your life, Glenn.”

Glenn stood up, “You’re right!”  He marched out the door and across the field to Leene’s house.  She was outside by then, watering her flowers.  “Leene.” Glenn said.  She looked up.  “I have to tell you something.”

She put her watering can down and sat up on her windowsill. “What is it, Glenn?”

“I…” he swallowed hard and shut his eyes, “… I love you.”  A look of shock came to Leene’s face.  “I love you, Leene and I want you to come to Truce with me and Cyrus.”

She put a hand to Glenn’s cheek, “Oh, Glenn…” She hugged him sadly, “I don’t feel the same way…” Glenn felt his heart tear in two.  “I love you, but not that way.”  She looked into his dark green eyes.  “I hope you can understand.”

Glenn clenched his fists as Leene headed back into her house.  “Wait!” Glenn said.  Leene turned around.  “Come with us anyway.  I swear I will protect you from any danger for as long as I live.”

“I can’t make you keep that kind of promise.” Leene said.

Glenn took out his dagger and slashed the palm of his left hand.  He clenched his fist, the crimson blood dripping to the ground at his feet.  “I swear it by my blood.”  Leene was aghast, a blood-oath was the most sacred vow anyone could make.

She moved toward Glenn, “I’ll go with you.” That afternoon the three youths loaded onto a boat which set sail for the port of Porre.  The three of them would never again return to Choras together.

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

“She didn’t love me… not in the same way.” Glenn said.

“Do you still love her?” Masa asked.

Glenn nodded, “Yes… I will always love Leene… she will always be much more to me that my queen.  I love Schala now.  I love her in a ways I never felt for Leene.”

“What happened when you reached Truce?” Mune asked.

“The three of us lived in an inn for a time.  Cyrus and I joined the ranks of Guardia’s army, but only briefly.  We were tested and became the two youngest Knights of the Square Table, the defenders of Guardia.”

“What about Leene?”

“Let’s say she got to live her fantasy.” Glenn said.

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

Leene sat on a bridge that went across a shallow river.  She was supposed to meet Glenn and Cyrus later for a picnic.  She looked at her reflection in the calm water.  She was pretty, but her face was dirty.  She had traveled to the center of the Guardia Kingdom with the hopes of finding a more fulfilling life for herself, but now she was wondering if she had made the right decision.

She stood up to stretch but a she saw a figure out of the corner of her eye.  In her shock, she lost her balance and fell into the creek.  She looked up at the boy standing where she was.  “I’m sorry…” he said, “… I didn’t mean to scare you.”  He held out his hand, “Here, let me help you up.”  Leene grabbed his hand and pulled him into the creek next to her.

“Now we’re even.” Leene said.  For the first time, she got a good look at the boy.  She gazed into his deep marine blue eyes and lost herself.

“Are you alright?” the boy asked.  Leene stared at the boy, unable to speak.  “Did you hit your head?”  Leene still said nothing, her mind still lost in the sea blue pools.  The boy stood up and helped Leene to her feet.  He looked closely at her soft green eyes, “Are you concussed?”

“My name is Leene.” she managed to say.

“Well at least you know who you are.” the boy laughed.

Leene looked at the bridge where Cyrus and Glenn had dropped to one knee.  “What are you two doing?” Leene asked.

Cyrus looked up at her, “Don’t you know who this is?”  Leene shook her head.  “This is Toran, 21st Prince of Guardia.”  Leene looked at the fourteen-year-old boy she had just moments ago pulled into the river.  She knew in her heart that she was in love… with a real prince.

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

“So that was how Leene met her one true love.”  Glenn looked over at the two Mystics who were listening intently.  “Leene was made the Princess of Guardia upon her engagement to Toran.”  Glenn looked over at the Masamune, “But in the following years, Guardia would have no peace…”


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