Mystery of the Masamune Part 5

Rise of the Mystic Régime

By The Game God

Darien, 20th King of Guardia reigned over the kingdom in a time of great peace.  But as the years came closer and closer to the turn of the century, the Mystics grew more violent. The king knew of the great Mystic magician, Ozzie, but the reports of Ozzie’s master, a human-like sorcerer with previously unseen magical powers, disturbed King Darien.

He called his Knights of the Square Table before him.  He had proposed a meeting with the Great Ozzie to discuss a truce between humans and Mystics.  King Darien, Queen Una and the Knights of the Square Table marched toward Zenan Bridge where Ozzie, his swordsman, Slash and a number of soldiers stood in wait.

King Darien held out his hands and approached Ozzie.  “I am glad we could have this meeting.” King Darien said.

Ozzie grinned, “Me too.”

“Where is your leader, the sorcerer?”

Ozzie smiled, “Magus is indisposed, he sent me as a kind of… emissary.”

Darien nodded, “I know there can be a peace between our people, Great Ozzie.  The paths that were are treading now can only lead us to war…”

“I know… that’s precisely what I want.”

Darien took a step back, “What?”

“You’ve built your kingdom a little high… time for it to topple!”  Ozzie raised his hand and three crystal pikes shot out towards the human crowd.  One of the pikes plunged into King Darien’s chest, the second stabbed Queen Una in the stomach and the third lodged itself in Knight Captain Onyx.  The three victims fell to the ground as Cyrus and Glenn drew their swords and raced toward the group of Mystics.

Glenn and Cyrus swung their swords at the Mystics, but they vanished on the breeze, like a puff of smoke.  Cyrus looked back at the dying royals and clenched his fists.  “They will pay for this!”  He held his sword high in the air, “This means war!!”

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

King Darien, Queen Una and Knight Captain Onyx were interred in the palace crypt and Toran was crowned 21st King of Guardia.  Leene was at his side, but she was not yet his queen.  Toran appointed Cyrus as Captain of the Knights of the Square Table.  The Mystic Régime’s act of regicide would not be tolerated.  Cyrus led the Knights of the Square Table and Guardia’s soldiers in battle against the Mystic Régime.

The war seemed to be a losing battle for both sides, the humans outmatched in strength and magic, the Mystics out matched in numbers and resources.  Cyrus, however knew a way to tip the scale in the humans’ favor.  He and Glenn went before King Toran and Princess Leene.

“Your Majesty…” Cyrus said, “I know how we can defeat the Mystics… with the Masamune.”  A dead silence fell over the crowd.

King Toran was the first to speak, “The Masamune is a legend…” he looked over toward the chancellor, “… isn’t it?”

Glenn stepped forward, “Sire, we have reason to believe that the Masamune does in fact exist.  According to the legends, it lies sleeping in the Derendano Mountains.”

Cyrus nodded, “Our scouts have inform us that there is a great number of Mystics camped around the Derendanos but without any kind of purpose.  They may be guarding the Masamune, trying to keep it from us.”

“But only the Hero can wield the Masamune,” Toran replied, “… and the Hero’s Medallion has been lost to us for nearly a century.  The Frog King’s forces stole it so long ago.”

“That is why we must go…” Cyrus said.

Lady Leene stood up; “You are leaving?”

Cyrus nodded, “Aye, your highness, it is time we took the Hero’s Medallion back from the Frog King…” he looked at the door, “… and I want to see that mythical sword for myself.”

As Cyrus and Glenn turned to go, the younger knight turned to the king and Lady Leene, “Good day, your Majesties.”

When the two descended the stairs, they were met by their fellow knights.  Cyrus nodded to them; “Dear Knights of the Square Table, I leave the kingdom in your hands until my return.”  A cheer arose from the knights as Cyrus and Glenn left the castle for the Bydario Swamp.

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

Cyrus and Glenn had their swords drawn as they trudged through the murky waters of the Bydario Swamp.  They knew the Frog King and his minions were lying somewhere in wait.  Suddenly, a glimmer of silver caught Glenn’s eye.  “There!”  He pointed toward a large tree where a shimmering silver medallion was embedded in the bark.

As the knights moved toward the tree, a large, slimy figure rose up out of the muck.  It flung a fleshy, oozing arm toward the tree and pulled the Hero’s Medal free from the bark.  “Not so fast.” it said, “This is my swamp, knights!”  The Frog King’s glaring red eyes locked onto the duo.  The massive amphibian lumbered towards the heroes, ready to fight.  “Get ready for the great beyond, knights!”

The Frog King swung his slime-covered arm.  Cyrus dodged the attack, “En guarde, pollywog… Nirvana Strike!”  Cyrus performed his special technique, thrice slashing his enemy, moving too quickly to be stopped.

The King screeched, “How dare you attack a defenseless amphibian.  Here, take your medal.”  The Frog King threw the Hero’s Medal to the ground and tromped off through the swamp.

Cyrus picked the silver amulet, “It won’t be long now.”

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

The knights had nearly been killed fighting their way past the Mystic soldiers.  Cyrus and Glenn entered the dimly lit cave to see the gleaming blade of the Masamune resting in a stone.  Cyrus approached the sword and clasped the hilt.

Suddenly, a dark figure dropped down from the ceiling.  He was tall, slender and dressed completely in black. He had icy, blank eyes that glared at the two knights.  “Magus…” Cyrus whispered in awe.  The sorcerer raised his hand and forced the knights out of the cave with his magic.  The hilt of the Masamune snapped off in Cyrus’ grip.  When the knights landed on the ground, Cyrus dropped the hilt, letting fall into the river below.

The knights turned to see Magus and Ozzie blocking the entrance to the cave.  Glenn swung their swords at the sorcerer, their blades stopping dead on an invisible barrier.  Ozzie slashed at the knights with a staff made of crystal.  The sharpened end opened a long cut across Glenn’s stomach.

Glenn dropped to one knee, “Cyrus… I can’t go on.”  He was bleeding badly.

Cyrus drew his sword and rushed towards Magus.  As the knight drew close, Magus brought his scythe around, slashed Cyrus’ sword in half, stabbed him through the heart and blasted him away with his dark magic.

Cyrus fell next to Glenn.  The young knight looked into his captain’s eyes, “Cyrus?”

Cyrus coughed, blood coming from his mouth, “It’s over for me, Glenn.”  He handed the young knight the Hero’s Medal.  “Protect King Guardia and Lady Leene.”  Cyrus drew his last breath and left his friend alone with Magus and Ozzie.

Glenn looked at Magus.  The sorcerer’s black cape was flowing like an ebony storm cloud, his icy, blank eyes glared without emotion.  Magus grinned at the young knight with a venomous stare; “How about it, Glenn, you want to challenge me?” he said in his deep, raspy voice.

Glenn stood up, sword in hand.  Without another word, Magus held out his hand and forced the knight to the ground with his magic.  Ozzie moved towards the sorcerer, “How ‘bout it, Magus?  Think we can give him a more fitting form?”

Magus sharply turned his head, “What do you mean ‘we’!?”  He looked to Glenn and let out a quick, shrill laugh, “But why not… there’s always time for a little fun.”  Magus whispered a strange incantation.  Glenn was overcome by excruciating pain.  He tried to escape, but fell from the cliff and into the river below.  As he sunk into the swirling waters, he could hear Magus’ twisted laughter echoing in the canyon.

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

Glenn regained consciousness somewhere near the bottom of the Derendano Mountains.  He looked into the still waters of the pond to see his own reflection.  He was no longer human… no longer himself.  Beneath the water, Glenn saw the hilt of the Masamune resting on the smooth rocks.


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