Mystery of the Masamune Part 3

Remember When…

By The Game God

Glenn stepped out of his uncle’s home and breathed in the cool autumn air.  It was the last day of March and though his aunt had warned him about it, he was headed for the old ruins.  The ruins were forbidden to anyone, they were dangerous and Glenn knew this. Glenn loved to read about the history of Guardia, nearly six hundred years of legends and stories.  What Glenn lacked in physical strength he more than made up for in bravery.

Glenn was walking through the woods so as to avoid any grown up who would see him heading for the ruins and tell his uncle.  As he wandered through Choras Woods, Glenn heard a voice shout, “Stop!”  Glenn looked up to see a small red-haired girl drop down from a tree and land directly in Glenn’s path.  “This is my secret place.” she said.

“Oh yeah?” Glenn said with a smile.

“Yeah!” the girl shouted.  She jumped at Glenn and wrestled him to the ground.  Glenn quickly pinned her against a nearby tree.

“Do you give up?” Glenn asked.

The girl smiled; “No!” she shouted.  Glenn tickled her until she was laughing too hard to stand up.  “Okay, I give up!” the girl squealed.  Glenn let her go and she pushed him to the ground.  “Now I’m going to kiss you and turn you into a frog!” she laughed.  Before the girl could move, Glenn swept her legs out from under her with a quick movement of his leg.

Glenn pinned the girl’s arms to the ground and leaned over her, “Now do you give up?”

“Yes.” she said.  Before Glenn could move, the girl kissed him on the end of his nose.

Glenn let the girl up and reached into his satchel and pulled out two apples.  “Do you want one?”

The girl smiled, “Thank you.”  Glenn and the girl each took a big bite of their apples.  Then the girl switched their apples.  “There, now we have to be friends.” she said with her mouth full of apple.  They leaned up against a tree and looked at the fresh spring leaves.  “What’s your name?” the girl asked.

“Glenn.” the boy answered.  “What is your name?”

“Guess.” the girl said.

Glenn smiled, “I don’t know.”

She smiled, “Leene.”

“How old are you?” Glenn asked.

“Seven!” she said proudly. “What about you?”

“I’m ten!” Glenn answered.

She finished the last of her apple and threw the core into the woods.  “So, where are you going, Glenn.”

“Can you keep a secret?” Glenn asked.

Leene shook her head, “No.”

“Well, I’ll tell you anyway… I’m going to the ruins.”

Leene opened her mouth wide, “Oh, that place is dangerous…”

“Do you want to come with me?” Glenn asked.

Leene stood up and pulled Glenn to his feet, “I thought you’d never ask!”

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

Glenn and Leene arrived at the North Ruins, the castle once used by the royal family of Guardia.  The two youths squeezed through the hole in the old broken door and looked around at dark, cold stone walls of the derelict castle.  “Wow…” Leene mused, “… this place is gross.”

Glenn looked around at the stone walls.  It was as though the castle had been silenced and frozen in time.  He put his hand to the wall and one of the stones fell out of the structure and onto the floor.  “No wonder no one ever comes here.”

Leene opened one of the doors.  “Glenn, look!”  Glenn looked in the door and saw the old throne room, the very room where Soulrain, the 1st King of Guardia reigned.  “This is amazing…” Leene said as she wandered around the room.  She sat on the old queen’s throne.  “Look at me, I’m the Queen of Guardia.”

Glenn smiled and decided to play along.  He bowed to Leene, “How may I serve you, your Majesty?”

“You can die!” a voice said.  Glenn and Leene turned to the mysterious voice.  They saw three very tall, burly Mystics standing near the door.  “This is our playground!”

Glenn rushed over to the wall and took one of the spears from a suit of armor.  “Stay back, Leene!” he shouted.

The Mystics laughed and moved toward the boy.  Glenn lunged at the creatures, but he missed enduring a powerful blow from the largest of the Mystics.  The Mystic picked up Glenn’s spear and broke in half in his fist.  “Now what do you want to try next, little boy?”

“Hey!” another voice called.  The Mystics turned to see a fifteen-year-old boy standing behind them.  “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

“Like you?” the lead Mystic asked.  He nodded to his comrades and they advanced on the boy.  In an instant the boy drew a wooden sword and hacked at the oncoming creatures.  The oak blade slashed across the attackers’ chests, opening shallow cuts.  They backed away as the boy advanced.  He quickly brought the lead Mystic to the ground and pinned his tunic to the ground with two small daggers.

He put the point of his wooden sword to the creature’s throat.  “Now, get out of here!”  The three strange creatures disappeared as quickly as they arrived.  The boy turned toward Glenn and Leene.  “Are you two alright?”

Glenn stood up and moved toward the older boy.  “Yes, thank you.”

“You saved us.” Leene said, hugging the taller boy.  “My name is Leene and this is Glenn.”

The older boy smiled, “My name is Cyrus.”

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

Glenn stopped speaking and looked toward the Masamune.  “So what happened next? Mune asked.

“The three of us went swimming in the lake.” Glenn said.

“No, what happened with you and Cyrus?” Masa asked.

Glenn leaned back against the cave wall.  “Cyrus and I were the best of friends.  He was older than I was… almost like a mentor.  He taught me how to use a sword.  In time, my skills even surpassed his.  And Leene was always there… the three of were inseparable after that day.”  Glenn looked up.  “Cyrus convinced me to go and join him in becoming a knight for the kingdom.  But Leene…”

“You loved her, didn’t you?” Masa asked.

Glenn closed his eyes and remembered something long buried and unfortunately not forgotten…


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