Mystery of the Masamune Part 2

Where It All Began

By The Game God

Glenn continued south, across Zenan Bridge, past the village of San Dorino and to the foot of the Derendano Mountains.  Ever since Crono and his friends had taken the Masamune from its resting-place, the winds of the Derendanos had faded away to almost nothing, allowing more lush foliage to grow.

‘This is were it all began…” Glenn said, ‘… were the path of my live began to rive.’  Glenn hiked up the surface of the Derendano Mountains, a path he had taken nearly eight years earlier.  Glenn didn’t know what it was that was calling to him, but he felt he was drawing nearer to it.

That was when the noble Knight Captain saw something he hadn’t seen in a long time… something had had tried to forget: the Cavern of the Masamune.  The cavern was dark inside, its walls silent.  The stone in which the blade used to stand was empty and cold.  As Glenn drew the Masamune, a wave of doubt swept over him.  “I am not worthy.” he said.  Glenn moved toward the stone and drove the Masamune back into its resting place

As Glenn turned to go, he heard a voice behind him.  “Why do you think you are not worthy?”  Glenn turned back to seen the spirits of the blade, Masa and Mune standing next to the sword.  Suddenly the torches on the cave’s walls lit up.

“It is something I feel inside me…” Glenn answered, “… something I cannot quite explain.”

“Try.”  Mune said.

Glenn moved toward the lofty Mystics.  “I feel there is a pull on me and the sword… as if the blade belongs in the hands of another.”

“Who?” Masa asked.

Glenn shook his head, “Crono, perhaps…” he looked as the shimmering blade, “No… Cyrus, it should be with him.”  Glenn closed his eyes; “He should have lived… not me.”

“A life can be changed in an instant, Glenn”

“I know that!” Glenn shouted, “I have spent nearly a decade living with that fact.”

“How did you come to know Cyrus?”

“I was very young…” Glenn answered, “… I grew up in Choras Village and one day, I met two of my very best friends…”


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