Mystery of the Masamune Part 1

Guardia's Knight

By The Game God

Glenn stood in his quarters looking out at the sun rising over the hilly countryside of Guardia.  He pondered over where his life was coming from and where it was going.  A few years had passed since he had allied himself with a group of warriors to fight an indescribable evil, a deed which the world was none the wiser.  Indeed, Glenn was happy; he was the highest-ranking knight of the court of Guardia.  The kingdom had rejoiced over their victory against Magus and the recent birth of Djané, 22nd Princess of Guardia.

Glenn was happy in his personal life as well.  He was married to the most beautiful, gentle and kind person he had ever met.  Glenn never thought he would find love again until he first saw Schala, wayward princess to a kingdom which no longer existed.  Glenn looked over at his young wife.

She looked like an angel as she lay on their bed, naked beneath the silky sheets sleeping.  She was the best thing that ever happened to him.  Even with all these things in his life that made him whole, Glenn felt there was something more… something calling to him.

“Good morning.” a soft voice said.  Glenn looked over at the sleepy violet eyes gazing at him.  Schala sat up in the bed, covering herself, never forgetting the lady she was.  “Did you sleep well?” Schala asked with a smile.

Glenn wanted to say yes, but he could never lie as long as he was looking into Schala’s eyes.  “No…”

“Was it that dream again?”

Glenn shook his head; “It is more than just a dream, Jewel.”  Schala smiled, she loved it when Glenn used his pet name for her. “It is something more…” he glanced at the window, “… as if something is calling me.”

Schala slid out of the bed and into her dressing gown.  She moved toward Glenn and put a hand on his shoulder.  “You’ll figure out what it is Kaeru…” She too had a pet name for Glenn, an archaic word which meant noble frog.  “I believe in you.”

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

By mid-morning, Glenn headed to the royal chambers to speak to King Toran and Queen Leene.  Glenn knocked on the large door of oak and gold.  “Enter.” A voice said from within.  Glenn opened the door to see Leene nursing the infant princess.

Glenn quickly turned his head, “I’m terribly sorry, your Majesty.”

“Glenn, you’ve seen a lot more of me than this…” she smiled, “… or have you forgotten?”

“I would rather leave the past where it is, your Majesty.”  He glanced over at her and saw Leene in a way he had never seen her before… as a mother.  “I need to speak with the king.”

“He is not here, Glenn.”  Leene replied, “He’s in the throne room with the Chancellor.”

Glenn bowed to her, “Thank you, your Majesty.”  He quickly departed and moved down the stairs where King Toran and Chancellor Eironan were speaking.  Before Glenn approached the king, the Chancellor left.

King Toran looked over at the tall, verdant-haired knight.  “Glenn, how nice to see you.”

“Indeed.” Glenn said. “I must speak with you, your Majesty.”

Toran moved toward the door that led into the art gallery, “Then please, follow me.”  Glenn moved toward the door behind his king.  The two men looked around at the brilliant paintings and sculptures that lined the walls of the art gallery.  “What is on your mind, my friend.”

“I…” Glenn was unsure how he would explain to his king that he needed to leave, but didn’t know exactly why.

Toran glanced over at him, “Is something wrong?”

“I am not sure…” Glenn replied, “In my dreams, and even when I am awake at times, I feel a pull.”

“A pull?”

“I do not know another way to describe it…” Glenn said, “I feel as though something is pulling me away from here.  Something from another time…” Glenn glanced over at Toran who looked confused.  “Sheer lunacy, I know.” Glenn quickly added.

Toran smiled, “Glenn… the voices inside us are constantly speaking we just have to listen.”  Glenn stopped walking and looked at a painting done of him seven years ago… when he was still a frog.  “What is the voice telling you know?”

“It is asking me questions and telling me to search for an answer.”

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

Glenn had already dress himself in his knight’s garb and was putting on his armored chest-plate when Schala entered the room.  “Kaeru, where are you going?”

He turned to see his gorgeous wife standing in the doorway as he slid the Masamune into the sheath on his back.  “I wish I knew, Jewel, but it will only be for a short time.”

Schala moved toward Glenn and wrapped her long, slender arms around him. “Be safe.” She whispered.  She kissed him softly on the lips. “Come back to me.”

The held each other lovingly. “Nothing will stop me from returning to your tender embrace.”  This would be their first time apart since they had wed.  Neither wanted this to happen, but Glenn could not go on without silencing this mysterious and Schala could not go on know she had kept Glenn from an unknown truth.

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

After he had put his most trusted knight, Kez Noral, in charge of the Square Table, Glenn left the castle and headed through Guardia Forest.  He looked out across the grassy plains of Guardia.  He breathed deeply before he pulled the Masamune free from his sheath.  “Show me the way…” he said to the blade.  He could feel a strange pulse of energy in the blade pulling him to the south… almost as if it were beckoning him.


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