Magus: Dark to Light Part 2

On the Verge of Madness

By The Game God

A cluster of small ships came out from the Blackbird and raced toward the small village.  Magus, Ledith and Elder Huaine looked up at the ships.  “We will not survive this!” Elder Huaine said.

Ledith turned toward Magus, “Can you help us?”

Magus glared at the oncoming ships, “Perhaps…”  He formed his scythe in his hand.  HE turned toward the elder, “Get everyone out of here, now!”

Elder Huaine rushed over to the bell in the middle of town, ringing it loudly.  “Evacuate!”  The people rushed out of their homes, bringing with them whatever they could carry.

Ledith pulled out her sling and loaded it with a rock.  “Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone!”

“No, take the people up the mountain, to the caverns… they’ll be safe there.”  Ledith looked into Magus’ eyes and saw a hint of emotion there.  Ledith ran over to the people and lead them north out of town.

Magus turned back to the oncoming ships.  Red streaks lit up the sky.  Magus rose a barrier of dark energy himself, deflecting the crimson bolts back at the ships.  Some of the energy bolts tore through the oncoming ships, sending them crashing to the ground.

One of the ships evaded Magus’ retaliation and dove toward the ground, running across the fields to the south.  Magus leapt onto the crystal dome of the ship.  The dome opened and the soldier inside, dressed in crystal armor, drew his lance.  The Seal of Eternity was carved onto chest-plate.

“Mosk’leono’s army!” Magus said.

“When the Mountain of Woe fell, we were freed… we serve Dalton now!”  He swung his lance at Magus, the sorcerer deflecting the blow with his scythe.  The sorcerer grabbed the soldier and threw him out of the cockpit.

“Time to end this.”  Magus closed the dome and grabbed the controls to the ship.  Magus turned the ship around and sped back toward the Blackbird.  More ships dove at him.  Streaks of energy lit up the midnight sky as Magus and the fighters exchanged fire.  Magus’ ship took no damaged as he plowed through the wave of aerofighters.

Magus utilized all the weapons aboard the ship, taking down every ship that the Blackbird deployed.  Dalton watched as the lone ship made its way toward his aerofortress.  “He’s good…” Dalton mused, “… he’s very good.”  Dalton turned toward one of his soldiers, “Open fire with the secondary and tertiary cannons.”

“What about the main guns, sir?”

“Save them…”

The gunners tried fixing their sights on the small ship.  “Our own ships aren’t clear yet, sir.”

“Fire anyway…” Dalton said.

“Yes sir.”  Half the outer cannons of the Blackbird fired on the swarm of crystal ships, blasting most of them to pieces in an instant.  Magus’ ship was hit and he began losing control over the ship’s pitch.  He knew he wouldn’t be in the air much longer.

- - - Magus: Dark to Light - - -

Ledith and the people of Raynia reached the dark, empty caves that Magus had been living in.  “I hope we’ll be safe here.” Huaine said.

“We’ll be safe here.” Ledith said.  She looked up at the firefight in the sky over the east forest.  “I hope he’ll be safe.”

- - - Magus: Dark to Light - - -

Magus fired on the Blackbird’s cannons, disabling them.  He locked his ship’s controls in place and opened the dome.  As he passed over the wing, he leapt from the ship, drew his scythe and drove into the metal of the ship.  Magus’ fighter flew past the Blackbird’s bridge and was immediately shot out of the sky.

“Direct hit, sir!” one of the gunners said.

Dalton smiled, “Good… now set your course for the Last Village.”  Dalton stood up and turned toward the door.  A dark energy seeped in from around the door, crushing it and ripping it off its hinges.  The dark sorcerer raced into the bridge, striking down every soldier in his path.

Dalton slowly drew his sword.  “Well, well, well…” he mused, “the false prophet.”

Once he had finished with the troopers, Magus turned toward Dalton, “You!”

Dalton smiled, “Zeal is gone my friend, join me now and I could offer you the position of High Advisor to my court.”  Magus glared at the dark knight, remaining silent.  ‘I’ll take that as a no.”  Dalton moved across the bridge, setting the ship’s autopilot.  “It’s quite obvious you want my blood… you could at least tell me why.”

“You killed my father!” Magus sneered.


“I’ve seen it!”

Magus touched the dark violet amulet on his chest and the image of the wreckage of the first Blackbird on the Mountain of Woe appeared around them.  The image of young Dalton picked up the sword of one of Mosk’leono’s soldiers which lay at his feet as he moved toward King Pax, trapped beneath the wreckage.  “Don’t worry, Majesty, I’ll set you free.”  He moved toward King Pax, “It’s so sad when the innocent die… war is hell…” He raised the sword high into the air, “… allow me to welcome you to the inferno.”  He thrust the sword down, driving it into Pax’ chest.  As Pax’ life slowly faded from him, Dalton knelt down before him and whispered, “Long live the king.”

“You murdered King Pax… my father.”

A twisted smile spread across Dalton’s face.  “You’re Janus…”  Magus glared at him.  Dalton laughed, “I hate to disillusion you, but…” He raised his hand, “… I am your father.”  A burst of energy leapt from Dalton’s fingers, ripping through Magus and sending him flying back across the bridge.

Magus rose to his feet.  “You lie.”

“I had your mother long before your father did.  I was surprised that Schala wasn’t mine, too!”  Magus rushed forward, crashing the blade of his scythe against Dalton’s sword. “Now, now son… don’t get angry.”

Magus swung his scythe repeatedly, clashing it into the steel of Dalton’s blade.  The combatants moved through the corridors, weapons clashing.  The two were evenly matched in skill and strength.  Dalton opened one of the hatches over the left wing.  Magus grabbed Dalton’s chest-plate, but was soon sucked out onto the wing.

Dalton slid across the wing, his sword swinging.  The blade of the sword slashed a lock of Magus’ long blue hair.  “What should I take next?” Dalton asked.

Magus stood up fast, swinging his scythe.  The curved blade of the scythe hacked away some of Dalton’s red hair.  “What should I take next?” Magus sneered.  Another round of weapons clashing lit up the night sky around the two fighters.

Dalton’s sword swung around, slashing across Magus’ armor, knocking the amulet from his chest.  Dalton slid across the wing and grabbed the amulet.  “It’s mine!”  He turned toward Magus.  “You have no idea what this is, do you?”  Magus glared at the knight.  “This amulet holds the ultimate power of Zeal.”  He laughed, “And Schala gave it to you for protection.”

He lifted the amulet high in the air, firing out a beam of dark energy at Magus, narrowly missing him.  Magus unleashed wave after wave of his magic at Dalton.  The magic stopped dead on a barrier of energy.  “You can’t defeat me alone, Prophet.”

Magus stood up and held out a small golden talisman.  “Then I summon the Golem!”  Dalton looked down at his armor, his Golem Medallion was gone.  The vortex opened behind Dalton and a group of Golems came out, their claws gleaming in the moonlight.

“No!  I am your master!”  Dalton shouted.  One of the Golems drove his claw into Dalton’s stomach.  Another bit him on the shoulder.  “No!” he screamed.  Dalton dropped Magus’ amulet, the violet stone falling back into the dark sorcerer’s hand.  The Golems slowly began to pull Dalton into the hole, already feasting on his living body.

After the last of the vortex had vanished, Magus hurled the Golem Medallion into the sea.  He knelt down onto the wing of the Blackbird and watched as it began hurling toward the ocean.  “This is the end…” Magus whispered as Blackbird crashed violently into the waves, exploding on impact and sending a deafening wave of sound across the valley.


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