Magus: Dark to Light Epilogue

Beginnings and Endings

By The Game God

Magus found himself standing in a grey, formless void.  Is this death? he wondered.

No. another voice said.

Magus turned to see a tall, slender, bald figure standing before him.  He was dress in white robes.  Who are you? Magus asked.

You… the man said, the forgotten you.

You’re Janus. Magus mused.

Janus nodded, We were separated so long ago… I don’t know if it was Lavos or Ozzie… but we were forced apart.  I vanished, and you took hold.  We have never been one mind that is why our body and out soul is in such great conflict.

So what happens now? Magus asked.

Janus smiled, You helped the people of Raynia without ever thinking twice… and more importantly, you protected Ledith.  Your strength… my heart… our soul, now we can be one again.  Magus and Janus moved toward each other, and a great light and a great darkness enveloped them both.

- - - Magus: Dark to Light - - -

He slowly awoke.  It was morning and he was laying in a field, somewhere to the west of Raynia.  He stood up and looked at his reflection in the water of a nearby pond.  He was dressed in white and dark blue robes.  His indigo hair was cut short and his eyes, for the first time in decades, were filled with emotion, the azure irises gleaming in the early morning sunlight.  “Janus…” someone whispered.

He turned to see the kind, freckled young woman standing on a nearby log, gazing at the strong, handsome man before her.  “Ledith.” Janus said.  He rushed over to her and picked her up, swinging her around in his arms.  “I’m myself again… I never thought it possible!”  He kissed the young woman and started carrying her off toward the town.  “Thank you for believing in me…”  Janus looked up at the clouds, several of them taking on the shape of his sister, “… thank you for believing.”



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