Lucca's Desert Journey Prologue

Dreams of the Desert

By The Game God

Lucca stood alone atop a cold, silent sand dune, wearing only a shimmering, white robe.  She looked out across the midnight desert and the wave-like hills of sand.  A cold breeze blew around her.  She looked up into the moon.  A voice sounded inside her head, “Help us…”
Lucca looked around, “How can I help?”
“Help us… we do not have much time… help us, Lucca.”  Lucca looked around as a cloud of sand covered her, drowning out the voice.

Lucca sat up in a cold sweat.  She put her glasses on and looked around.  She was in her own bed.  “The same dream…”  She wiped the sweat from her brow, “… what does it mean?”  She got up and moved to her bookcase.  She opened one of her history books to a picture of what the world looked like 3000 years ago, nothing but endless deserts.  “The Great Age of the Sands…” Lucca said, “… could there be a connection?”

A young woman opened her eyes.  The psychic link between herself and a girl from another time had been broken.  The man behind her spoke, “Did you lose her?”
The young woman sighed, “Yes… she must have awakened.”
The man shook his head, “Do you think there is a hope in this girl?”
The woman nodded, “She is our only hope.”


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