Lucca's Desert Journey Chapter 1

Listen to Your Dreams

By The Game God

Lucca and Nadia sat on the edge of the fountain in Leene Square.  Lucca was thinking about her dream, the same one that had been haunting her for two weeks.  “Lucca?” Nadia asked, poking the inventor in the arm.
“What?” Lucca asked.
“I asked if you wanted to come to the castle for lunch.”
“Um… sure.”  Lucca answered.  The two girls headed for the castle, Nadia was telling Lucca about some funny stories she had heard, but Lucca was deep in thought.  Was the voice in her dream in her head or was it something more?
The guards at the castle door bowed to Nadia and her guest, “Princess Nadia, Lady Lucca, please come in.”  they said in unison as the girls went to the dining room.
As they ate a lunch of fresh fish, Nadia asked, “Have you seen Crono, I went by his house, but his mom said he wasn’t home.”  Lucca said nothing, still thinking about her dreams.  “Lucca!”
“What?” she said, startled by Nadia’s shouting.
Nadia got up and moved towards Lucca, “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.”
Nadia shook her head, “You seem distracted… what is it, one of your inventions not working right?”
Lucca sighed, “I wish it were something that simple.”
“I can’t help unless you tell me what’s wrong.”
Lucca nodded, “I keep having these dreams.  In them I’m standing in the middle of a desert at night and I hear a voice calling to me to help them.  I must be losing it.”
Nadia smiled, “You should listen to your dreams, Lucca, they can tell you a lot.”
Lucca shook her head, “I don’t believe in clairvoyance, Nadia.”
“Maybe you should…” Lucca looked the princess, “… sometimes, I can my mother’s voice telling me things.  She told me to go to the fair that day and look what happened, I met my two very best friends.”
“I just don’t know what to do about it.” Lucca sighed.
Nadia smiled, “Don’t think with this…” Nadia said, putting a finger on Lucca’s forehead, “… think with this.” she said, pointing to her heart.  “Do what you think is right.”
Lucca smiled, “I will Nadia… I will.”

Lucca returned home and reached under her bed.  Underneath was a box, which contained her gun and the Gate Key.  Lucca took off her clothes, moved to her closet and pulled out everything she had.  He dressed herself in white, loose fitting pants, a black tank-top, a loose white shirt and draped a white cape around her shoulders.  She put on yellow gloves and boots.  She put several tools and the Gate Key in the satchel on her belt.  She put her gun into the holster and pulled her short, purple hair back into a tiny ponytail.
She moved into the field next to her house.  ‘I hope I’m doing the right thing.’ she thought.  She typed, ‘The Great Age of the Sands’ on the Gate Key’s keypad.  She held out the key and the swirling, blur time gateway opened.  ‘Hang onto your shorts, Lucca.’ she thought as she jumped into the vortex.  Lucca was scared, what she was doing defied all logic.


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