Lucca's Desert Journey Chapter 2

Mirage on the Horizon

By The Game God

Lucca was hurled into the middle of a seemingly endless desert.  She stood up, put the Gate Key away and clipped her shaded lenses onto her glasses.  She wiped the sweat from her brow, ‘Well, I’m here…’ she thought, ‘… wherever here is.’  Lucca took out her compass and headed north.  After two hours of walking in the stifling heat, Lucca looked up at the sun, “Oh man… I think I’ve made a mistake.” she said before she passed out from the heat.

The woman’s voice invaded Lucca’s mind as she slept, but the words were lost in the heat.  Lucca awoke in a dark room.  She could feel a cold cloth on her forehead.  She felt around for her glasses, but couldn’t find them.  She heard a noise from across the room.  Lucca grabbed her gun and pointed it in the direction of the sound, “Who’s there?!”  Someone took the gun from Lucca’s hand and gave her glasses.  Lucca looked up to see the tall, dark man in front of her, “Who are you… where am I?”
He smiled, “My name is Asaahn, and you are in my home.  You passed out in the desert.  You are very lucky I found you when I did.”  He handed Lucca a glass of water, “Where are you from, Lucca?”
Lucca sipped the water, “Far away, you wouldn’t unde… hey, how do you know my name?”
Asaahn sat down in a chair across from Lucca, “We’ve been waiting for you.”
“Are you the one who’s been in my dreams?”
Asaahn shook his head, “No.  I am merely a scientist, I don’t dabble in the supernatural.”
Lucca stood up, “You know more than you’re telling me, Asaahn!”
He sighed, “Yes, but now is not the time to tell you… you need rest.”
“The hell with rest!” she shouted as she moved towards Asaahn.
Asaahn helped Lucca to sit again, “You are not ready to help us, you will need all your strength!”
As Asaahn turned to go, Lucca asked, “Asaahn, what is going on here?”
“You will find out soon enough.”  Lucca laid back down and drifted off to sleep, still haunted by the heat-warped voice in her head.

Lucca woke up in Asaahn’s bed.  She looked around, Asaahn was nowhere to be seen.  Lucca went outside to see a small desert town and the setting sun on the horizon.  “You’re awake…” Asaahn’s voice said.  Lucca turned to him.  “… welcome, to Mirage, the city on the dunes.”
“Am I ready now?” Lucca asked sarcastically.
Asaahn nodded, “Follow me.”  Lucca and Asaahn walked through the dusty desert town.  Lucca noticed how worn down the people of Mirage looked.  Asaahn reached a small pyramid made of white stone.  It seemed out of place in the worn out city of Mirage.  “This is the Mirage Medium Sanctuary…” Asaahn said, “… you will find your answers inside.”
Lucca entered the pyramid.  Only bright, white candles in a circle lighted the dark room inside.  A dark, young woman sat in the center of the circle, wrapped in a long, white cloak.  “You have come, Lucca.”
The voice echoed around the room and in Lucca’s ears.  It was the voice she heard in her dreams, “It’s you!  You’re the one who has been speaking to me.”  The woman looked up, her deep brown eyes filled with a sad, kindness.  She nodded and motioned for Lucca to sit next to her.  Lucca sat down across form the girl, “Who are you?”
“I am called Ta-Kahjet.” she answered.
“How were you able to contact me?”  Lucca asked.
“I am a psychic medium, Lucca.  I know everything about you.  I know about how you and your friends saved the world from Lavos.  I know you can save us.”
“Save you from who?” Lucca asked.
Ta-Kahjet closed her eyes, “The Pharaohess.”

Far from the sandy, wind-swept streets of Mirage, beyond the City of the Dead, a mammoth pyramid towered over the desert sand.  Deep inside the pyramid, a dark woman sat on a cold, lapis stone throne.  She was deep in a trance state as deadly snakes writhed around her ankles.  A massive creature lumbered into the Pharaohess’ throne room.
She opened her eyes and smiled, “Karnak, what do you have to report?”
The beast bowed, “Our medium in Oasis has reported a premonition he had.  He said that Medium Ta-Kahjet has brought a warrior here to challenge you.”
The Pharaohess smiled, “I know.”
“Should I bring this warrior to you?” Karnak asked.
A snake slithered up the Pharaohess’ leg and wrapped around her arm.  The Pharaohess smiled and petted the snake’s head, “No… bring me the medium and the warrior will follow.”  The sun set over the sandy horizon as Karnak and an entire legion of the Pharaohess’ serpent-soldier headed for Mirage.  Everything was proceeding as the Pharaohess had foreseen.


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