Lucca's Desert Journey Chapter 3

Sandstorm at Midnight

By The Game God

Lucca shivered, “It’s getting cold.”
Asaahn draped a blanket around her shoulders, “It gets very cold at night in the desert.”
Lucca pulled the blanket around her, “You mentioned ‘The Pharaohess’, Ta-Kahjet.  Who is the Pharaohess.”
Ta-Kahjet nodded, “No one knows for sure… not even my powers have told me who she really is… but I believe she is immortal.”
“Immortal warriors…” Lucca said, thinking back to Queen Zeal.
“Queen Zeal has nothing to do with the Pharaohess.”  Ta-Kahjet said, answering Lucca’s unasked question.
Asaahn sighed, “All of my research still has yet to reveal the cause of the drought.”
“It is beyond science…” Ta-Kahjet said.
Asaahn shook his head, “Ta, nothing can totally defy science.”
“That’s what I used to think…” Lucca said, “… but I’ve seen a lot of things to the contrary.”  Lucca looked to Ta, “You think the Pharaohess is caused the drought.”
Ta shook her head, “Not caused it, but I feel she is prolonging it.  Asaahn and I are an antipode, he is a follower of science, myself, the supernatural.  That was why we chose you Lucca, you are a follower of both.  Together, we could…”  Ta looked up suddenly.
Asaahn stood up, “What is it, Ta?”
“The Pharaohess has sent her Karnak here for me.  He will arrive here shortly.
Asaahn took a spear from the wall, “We won’t let the happen, Ta.”
Ta-Kahjet shook her head, “It cannot be stopped…” A loud rumble of thunder sounded from outside the pyramid, “… they are already here.”  Five snake-like creatures burst into Ta’s temple.  As Asaahn and Lucca moved towards the creatures, they were grabbed from behind and thrown out into the streets of Mirage.
They turned to see a ten-foot-tall, muscle-bound creature holding a jewel-lined skull in each hand.  “Karnak!” Asaahn said.
“You and Ta-Kahjet have crossed the line, Asaahn.”  He crashed the skulls together and a rumbling rose from beneath Lucca and Asaahn.  “Your life ends here and now, Asaahn!” Karnak shouted.  He crashed the skulls together again causing lightning bolts to crash down from the heavens.
Lucca took aim and fired at Karnak.  The blast knocked one of the jeweled skulls from his hands.  Asaahn ran forward, swinging his spear at the beast.  Without both of his skulls, Karnak’s magic was gone.  Even so, the beast delivered a devastating blow to the scientist.  Lucca took aim at Karnak again, but was knocked to the ground by one of Karnak’s serpent warriors.
Karnak looked back to see Ta-Kahjet being carried away by one of the serpent warriors.  Karnak picked up his skull and glared at Lucca, “Come and get her if you dare, girl.”  He crashed his skulls together and the sands swallowed up Lucca and Asaahn.  Karnak and the serpents headed for the horizon.

Lucca and Asaahn crawled out of the dune Karnak had created.  Lucca spit out a mouthful of sand, “Oh man, I’ve got sand in places I didn’t even know I had.”
Asaahn rose to his feet and pulled a monocular from his robe.  “They’re long gone.” he said.
Lucca dusted sand off her clothes, “Do you know where they took Ta?”
“They will take her to the Grand Pyramid, beyond the City of the Dead.  Come with me.”  Asaahn led Lucca to a stable where six tall slender birds were sleeping.  “These chocobos will take us to the City of the Dead.”  Lucca and Asaahn mounted the two tallest chocobos and rode off into the desert.

Ta-Kahjet was led into the Pharaohess’ throne room.  Ta stared at the dark woman in the white and gold robe, “Your plan will not succeed, Pharaohess.”
She smiled, “It has already succeeded.”  She rose and floated towards Ta, “You see, your ‘hero’ will come here and meet her doom, forever destroying your last hope.”  She turned to Karnak, “Let her find her way to Ta-Kahjet… and me.”
Karnak nodded, “And what of Asaahn?”
The Pharaohess smiled, “Kill him.”  Karnak nodded as he and the serpent soldiers headed for the City of the Dead.  The Pharaohess looked back to Ta, “By sunrise, all hope will be lost… I will make sure of that.”  Her laughter filled the enormous throne room.  Ta-Kahjet lowered her head, her plans were failing and even she could not foresee Lucca’s future… if any.


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