The Greatest Princess of Guardia Part 3

Guardia’s Greatest Night

By The Game God

Storm clouds were looming on the horizon as Princess Nadia slowly climbed the surface of Mt. Truce.  About half way up the mountain, the surface was covered with Mystics warriors frozen in stone.  ‘It’s an army…’ Nadia thought.  When she reached the top of the mountain, Nadia saw a strange clearing.  There were arches of stone encircling a stone altar where two dark figures were waiting.

The first was a tall, muscular man dressed in the uniform of a Knight of the Square Table.  The second was a slinky woman in a long grey cape.  Nadia recognized the woman as the androgynous magician Flea.

“What have we here…” the man said, “… the last of the Guardia Line.”

Nadia drew her crossbow, “Who are you?!” she shouted.

He smiled. “Kez Noral, the next King of Guardia.”  He grabbed the hilt of his sword.

Flea put his hand on Noral’s sword.  “Wait… I have a little score to settle with this royal harlot.”  Flea rose to his feet.  “I’ve been waiting four hundred years to get even with you!”  Flea unleashed a stream of magic at the young princess.  Nadia held out her crossbow, putting a barrier of magic around her.

“You’ve been practicing!” Flea mused.  Flea leapt off the altar, baring a set of gleaming claws.  Nadia used her crossbow to deflect Flea’s powerful blows.  Nadia swung her weapon, cutting’s Flea’s face with the arrow that was ready to fire.  Flea stumbled back, putting a hand over the cut.  Nadia took aim and fired an arrow, the projectile lodging in Flea’s neck, cutting the spinal chord.

Flea stumbled back but Nadia was ready, striking Flea across the face and sending the magician plummeting to the rocky valley below.  The rain began to fall as Kez Noral started clapping slowly.  Nadia looked over at the knight.  He smiled, “Good work… saved me the trouble.”

He drew his sword, a strangely shaped blade with a black razor edge.  “Royalty has changed a lot in 400 years.”

“You killed my mother!” Nadia shouted.

“Indeed, and now your father…”  He lowered his sword, “… and now you!”  He brought his sword up quickly, making a small cut on Nadia’s arm.  My Terminus sword is laced with the same poison I used on your parents.  But for you, I used a stronger version… no seizures, just a quick death.  You’ll be dead in ten minutes… unless…”  He stepped aside, showing a number of tiny bottles, “… you can find the antidote!”

He swung his sword over his head, the blade crashing down on Nadia’s crossbow.  Kez Noral assaulted the princess with a number of sword attacks.  Nadia was nearly as fast as the knight, deflecting all of his sword blows.  Nadia lunged, hitting the knight in the stomach with the butt of her crossbow.

“Oh… you’re a spunky little…” Nadia swung her crossbow again, striking Noral across the face.  The knight responded by striking the princess with the back of his fist.  Nadia fell to the ground.  Her vision was beginning to blur, the poison was taking effect.  Nadia used her magic to lower her body temperature, hoping it would slow the poison.

Nadia rolled out of the way before the knight drove his sword into the ground.  Another array of deflected sword blows forced Nadia to the edge of the cliff.  She ducked between Noral’s legs and fired at him.  The arrow struck his left arm just below his armor.  Noral pulled the arrow out and moved his Terminus to right hand.

“You’re much more the warrior than you look.” Noral said.  Noral ran toward girl.  Nadia ducked under his sword, the blade catching the end of her ponytail.  Nadia swung her crossbow up, hitting the knight between the legs.

Kez Noral stumbled back.  Nadia swung her crossbow, hitting Noral across the face.  “That’s for my mother!”  She swung it the other way, hitting his face on the other side.  “That’s for my father!”  She thrust her crossbow forward, breaking his nose.  “That’s for me!”  She loaded an arrow in her crossbow.  “And this is for Guardia!”  She fired the arrow, the projectile lodging in Noral’s stomach.  As he slipped off the mountain, Nadia’s channeled her magic.

The dark knight plummeted down freezing in the air.  His frozen body shattered when it hit the rocks below.  At that, the stony warriors that dotted the surface of the mountain began to crumble.  Nadia fell to her knees.  She could barely see and her heart was beating wildly.

She turned to toward and moved toward the altar.  Suddenly, Nadia saw a strange figure near the altar.  It was a beautiful woman with red hair and a long, flowing dress.  “Momma?” Nadia struggled to say.

Aliza smiled, “Yes, baby.”  She held out her hands, “Look at what a beautiful young woman you’ve become.”

“I’m scared momma…” Nadia said, “I think I’m gonna die.”

“Take my hand…” Aliza said.

Nadia reached out for her mother’s hand.  That was when Aliza’s hand vanished and Nadia held one of the small bottles in her hand.  “The antidote…” Nadia said.  Nadia popped the lid off and swallowed some of the fluid.

Slowly but surely, Nadia felt the effects of the poison vanish.  Nadia stood up and watched the storm clouds vanish, bathing Mt. Truce in a golden sunrise.  She looked down at the bottle. “Daddy…”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Nadia raced to her father’s rooms.  Lucca stopped her at the door.  “Don’t go in Nadia…”

“But I have the antidote!”

Lucca shook her head, “It’s too late.”

“No…”  She pushed past Lucca and ran to her father’s side.  “It’ll be okay daddy.”  She poured the antidote into the king’s mouth… nothing happened.  Nadia put her arms around her father, “Please don’t leave me…”  A tear escaped Nadia’s eye and fell to her father’s cheek.

The king opened his eyes and put his arm around his daughter, “Nadia?”  Nadia cried tears of joy, as the king’s strength returned.  “What happened?”

“Everything is going to be okay…” Nadia said, “… everything’s going to be okay!”


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